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    i have been tired for so many years that everyone thoughti was just a lazy person. now that io have been diagnosed with cfs, i can't get people to believe that i am sick. they laugh and say that's what every female my age has. i have been having major difficulty at work with this. i recently got in trouble for taking too many sick days and i am scared i will never be able to hold a good job if this keeps up. i tried to talk to my boss about my health and, even though i work in the healthcare industry, i was told to get a grip or find another job. my fiance seems to have a hard time understanding the difference between being tired after a day at work and feeling like i do...completely worn out.
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    Hi Beth,

    I'm still new to this myself but my boss has CFS. She was lucky enough that our work is allowing her to work one day a week at home. So on Wednesdays she telecommutes so that she can catch up on some rest.

    I hear the comments that are made about her as well and you're right people just don't understand.

    Any chance of working a different schedule? If not, does your employer have more than (I think) 100 employees? I think the threshhold is 100 employees for you to be eligible for Federal Medical Leave Act. I had a discussion with my human resources one day because I have an employee who has exhausted all sick time, one day here and there, because of her sons asthma.

    The h.r. person said that if she got a note everytime she was out for his asthma, these days could count toward the 12 weeks of federal medical leave act. This way her job is protected for now anyway. The only thing with FMLA is it does not start over in January, so if you start using it say in June, the 12 weeks would tick until the following June.

    Something to think about....

    -Kathi - p.s. we understand:)
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    I have had cfids/fm for over ten years. An I am amazed at the lack of support I have gotten from family friends etc. The lack of recognition put another wall of isolation around me. I used to wait for a little recognition to trickle my way and mostly be diappointed/angry with others. The last year through meditation and prayer I have discovered how to be my own best support. I can not pull it of always but when I can it makes the the way alot easier.

    Be compasionate to yourself if you can.

    All the best, Paul