no one wants to hire someone who hasn't worked for 10 years

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pastorwife, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. pastorwife

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    So, now that I'm finally feeling up to working and my doc says to give it a try, I keep getting the 'is it true you haven't worked for 10 years?' followed by a quick change of attitude from 'your an ideal candidate' to 'that won't fly'. (actual quote). I have the years covered with being a pastor's wife for all those years, just like someone might have been off raising their children, but even that doesn't help me get an interview.
  2. TigerLilea

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    Ten years is a long time to be out of the workforce, especially today with technology being what it is and changing as quickly as it does. Have you considered going back to school to update your skills, making you a much better candidate for a job??
  3. pastorwife

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    Yes, if fact I'm waiting to hear back on a graduate program in my field. I'm just worried about investing the money and the degree not being enough to overcome the gap of employment.
  4. spacee

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    I heard on the nitely news that it was def. a problem. They suggested listing all
    volunteer efforts during the years of unemployment.

    So perhaps instead of just putting "pastor's wife", you could put during the bad years
    some of the things that you did.

    I'm not sure what you did but an example would be "Involved in organizing Vacation
    Bible School.

    I hope you can find employment before you invest in education.

  5. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    Maybe things are a bit different here in Canada compared to the US. Older people are actually finding it easier these days to find jobs.
  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Consider taking a job that's just a job part time. It''s much easier to get a job when you have a job. When I felt better, I worked as a cashier at a supermarket. They were thrilled to get an older person with a degree. I figured that job would tell me whether I was ready to get back into my career full time. I wasn't because I developed Sjogren's on top of my CFIDS/ME and FMS. I had to quit my little job due to bone-crushing fatigue but I miss it. I made it more than just a job and had fun with both my coworkers and customers. People skills are people skills, regardless of the job.

    You might also consider a different kind of resume which stresses skills and not a literal history of work. It's called, a functional resume. You don't succeed as a pastor's wife without developing all kinds of skills. A pastor's wife is actually his asst., doing all kinds of things which are valuable skills.

    Most states have a vocational and job center where you can get help and tips on jobs. Goodwill is another good resource for testing, resumes and networking. Get creative. Use the relationships you've developed in the church to network. You are actually in a target-rich environment to network. God helps them who help themselves so don't feel guilty about reaching out to those whom you and your husband have helped. One of them, or someone they know, may be thrilled to gain an employee like you.

    Good luck. A little prayer going up to help you.

    Love, Mikie
  7. pastorwife

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    I do have a functional type of resume at the suggestion of a friend of mine. I do show recent employment as I am self-employed (albeit volunteer) as a patient advocate for almost 2 years now. I even took a course towards certification in that field last summer.

    I do show being a "full-time pastor's wife" which covers the years I did not work. I guess the problem is that I'm trying to get back into the healthcare software industry that I did so long ago. That is why I'm looking at grad school...for an MS in Health Informatics. However, it is scary that I might not really be able to work and I will have invested the time and $ for almost 2 years. It is entirely online, so I'm hoping that by doing that, I will be able to determine my fatigue level under stress.

    I have lined up possible work with a friend when he gets his next contract as a software trainer which would be great to put on my resume. Having the skills is not a problem. Getting the recent experience is. My career might end up going that route. Grad school wouldn't be until Spring, so there's time. And, if I can't get a good financial aid package, I'm not doing it. I won't put myself under a financial burden that I might not be able to come out from under. Hoping that my low income will qualify me for the $ I need for school expenses.

    Yes, Puddleglum, adultery was the key and his anger. Divorce was finalized last summer. I did receive a little alimony for a few years, barely enough to cover a car payment. I have also found a wonderful man that loves me for who I am with all my good and weak parts. I have NEVER been this happy before. I am relaxed, not stressed. I believe that this divorce was key to me getting my health back. Removed me from a negative environment that I wasn't even aware of while I was in it.

    Thanks to each of you for responding.
  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    You have a plan and thought this out well. All you need are prayers and some good luck. Sending up a prayer and wishing you good luck.

    Love, Mikie

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