"No Other Gods"

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    No Other Gods

    When the trumpet sounds
    And the King of Kings
    Splits the eastern sky ...

    When the dead rise first
    And the saved are snatched,
    Forever to be by His side ...

    Whenever I can,
    I’ll bow my knee
    To kiss the nail pierced feet.

    For, I know all the scars,
    That Jesus has,
    Were put there just for me.

    When the God of all
    Sits on His throne
    And men come, one by one ...

    All knees will bow
    And tears will flow,
    Some regretting and some in awe.

    Then, will they remember
    The times they’ve bowed,
    The times they have stood in line ...

    For just a glimpse
    Of someone on earth
    Who had seemed so very sublime?

    Since Jesus ascended
    So long ago,
    Not a single man on earth ...

    Could answer the smallest
    (Or largest) prayer
    That was prayed for all it's worth!

    Since the heavy veil,
    In the holy of holies,
    Split, from the top right down ...

    There’s no one to stand,
    Between us and our Maker,
    Giving nod or pious frown.

    So, my knees are stiff,
    Save when I come
    To the great Creator of all ...

    Of galaxies, matter,
    And even of time.
    Only then will I fall.

    So gladly, I’ll give
    My praise and my love.
    So thankfully will I recall ...

    My knees never bent
    To imposters that crave,
    But only to Lord of All!

    © 2002 by Joan Clifton Costner
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    i love to read these...
    dee, your the best!! keep 'em comin!

    God bless!