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    I was diagnosed with CFIDS and Fibro approximately 8 yrs. ago (COPD and Emphysema 1 yr. ago) . I was still working (a lot of 18 hr. shifts) at the time and laughed both of them off as 'old age'. I'm not laughing anymore and I have read the postings here. About 3 months ago I came down sick. I had absolutely NO energy--I could not stand up without stopping to rest, I could only sleep 20-30 min. at a time, every muscle would cramp up, no appetite, the pain in from my feet and hands was often excruiating. This went on for 12 weeks. I feel better, but I still don't have the energy to walk 10 ft. without resting. And the 'vibrant' aching I have in my neck, shoulders, back and particularly my legs--I am eating excedrin like candy. I have only been in TN for 4 months. When I mentioned Fibro and CFIDS the dr.s that I went to during that 12 wks. looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language--then they would actually LAUGH and tell me I was just 'getting on in years' and told me to 'go home and take a few aspirins'. I have always worked (Deputy, WA) hard and kept myself in good condition. I have checked the internet to find a fibro dr. around here--3 on the list their offices are closed. When and if I find a dr. in this state that specializes in Fibro and CFIDS, what questions have you asked the doctor so they can understand the over-whelming sensation of pure and utter exhaustion to the point that you are past frustration at yourself? I suffer from severe migraines and take 1600 mg of ibuprofen a day. What medicines have worked best for fibro patients? How long do these 'flare-ups' last? I mean they will ease up after awhile, right? Thanks for listening. I am willing to try anything at this point.
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    I moved to Fayetteville, TN about 7 years ago from coastal NC. I was diagnosed with FM last Spring. I also have degenerative disc disease and arthritis which is complicated by the FM.

    I saw a rheumy in Huntsville, AL who dx me with the FM but then decides that HE doesn't treat FM. What's up with that crap! Anyway, my GP doesn't really believe in FM and says that pain meds do not help it. Fortunately, right now I'm on Lortabs because of my back problem and anti-inflammatory meds for the arthritis (aren't helping a bit). I'm not quite sure where Paris, TN is although I've heard of it. I know there is a pain mgmt office here in Fayetteville, one in Shelbyville and one in Tullahoma.

    Good luck with your search. I also found that the closest support group for FM is in Chattanooga and not sure that one is still meeting. Wouldn't matter because it is too far for me go anyway. If I can get it together I hope to start a support group here.

    I also love to crochet (when I can). I did just finish a baby blanket and now I'm working on a scarf set. I'm also a big Nascar fan. I will say I'm kinda glad this season is over with though.

    Well, I wish you luck with your PM search
    Take Care
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    I did a google search "pain management center""tennessee". The 5th entry may take you to where you want to go. You don't have to suffer as much as you do!!

    I go to the pain management center in Paducah, KY. Without them I wouldn't be able to work or take care of my family.
    I take cervical facet joint blocks and trigger point injections every 3-4 months. They also prescribe medications.

    Please do a search of your own!! They are out there and you deserve pain relief!!

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    I live in Memphis and if it were not for my doc I would without a doubt have the depression people with chronic pain & illnesses are prone to just from dealing with the stupid doctors around here! His name is Dr. Kevin Merigian, he's with The Stone Institute, he has a website but if he want to email me I'll tell you about him. He is an MD that did traditional medicine for years but now does more homeopathic things. He manages my narcolepsy, fibromyalgia, and chronic myofascial pain. I would drive across the country for him. He doesn't take insurance and even though I have it I pay for him out of pocket because through the dozens of doctors I've been to throughout the years he's the only one that has ever TRIED to treat me and the one one that has been RIGHT ONE THE MARK with every DIAGNOSIS! He is willing to experiment with drugs and unconventional combinations and listens to your suggestions when you have them. He will spend anywhere from twenty minutes to and hour and a half talk to you about your whole life story! He's not easy to get in with at first but trust me he's worth it around here, believe me, I've been around the pond of them!
    Feel free to email me Good luck you guys!

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