No rain today, and an answer to prayer...

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    We have had soo much rain, as you have read from my other post. Got the lawn mowed today...well, my DH did.
    Picked a few weeds, that would be me. My tulips are soooo happy.
    We are sooo happy.
    My husband has made a decision that has been a hard one to come to. Not sure how many of you remember that he was laid off last fall. Well, time to decide if he would keep trying for jobs, or just retire. He's decided to retire! I am so glad. He can still work part time and keep getting Social Security as long as it isn't over a certain amount. We should do fine. It is just a relief knowing for sure, that this is what is going to happen. I think it was just hard for him to even think of being at that point in life to retire..but he has gotten used to being home more, and has enjoyed the family time...he has worked swing for 35, we are happy to have him home at nights.
    We've been praying hard as to know what to do, and the answer came today by a phone call today from the SS office, explaining how this would much he would get. Much more than unemployment, of course less than what he was making while working, but also a little nice bonus for having a son that is still under 18. That will help a lot with the grocery bill, that boy can eat!
    I love the power of prayer! I know that the Lord is watching over us. I am thankful for that.
    Love to all, Cynthia
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    Sometimes, not all the time, I think God has a different plan for us than what we are trying to do. Your husband won't be working swing any more and there will be more family life. I'm glad things have worked out.