No relief to Myofascial pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by emhenry, Oct 10, 2005.

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    Looking for any help anyone has on this topic.

    After a year of pain, cortizone shots, muscle relaxers and strong pain killers diagnosed in May with Myofascial Pain syndrome. I only had 9 of the 11 trigger points for Fibro diagnosis. Other symptoms lack of refreshing sleep, always tired, always aching (like the flu, but for 9 months long), sharp, sore and/or aching pain in neck and middle back. Physical Therapy helped some.
    Rheumatologist treatment when he first saw me:

    1. For sleep 50 mg trazadone, and 300 mg. nuerontin,
    2. 500 mg/twice a day Diflunisal (anti-inflammatory),
    3. Paxil 20 mg/day (already on this for several years)
    4. Ultram 50mg/3 times a day, with 500 mg Tylenol.
    5. Myofascial release massage helps.
    6. Vicoden 5/500 1/day (had been on Vicoden ES 7/750 twice a day)

    I changed my diet completely to a healthy diet, am getting sleep – nighttime meds help with that. Doing some walking and stretching.

    6 months later
    Having what I thought was a flare up but it has been for 4 weeks now. Aches on and off, severe pain in neck and upper back,

    Doctor has moved me to 1200 mg nuerontin a day (not much help), run out of Vicoden have taken some old Vicoden ES half morning and night, and backs off pain a little

    Any suggestions to stop the pain and get better. I am getting a 2nd opinion from a large medical hospital in town.

    Appreciate any input on this.
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    I also have myofascial pain, mostly in my neck and around my shoulder blades.

    I have tried "tennis bal acupressure" that I read about on Devin Starnyl's website. You put 2 tennis balls in a sock and tie the sock at both ends. Then you place them in between you and the wall and lean into them moving them to were the knots or tight muscles are. It can hurt pretty bad, but if you can release the knot there is some relief.

    The other thing is a tens unit. I was able to get one through the physical therapy office and my insurance is paying for it. The p.t. that I got there was a joke, I would do some excercises, and then sit with the tens unit and then a heating pad. Then I learned that I could get one for home. I have only had it for a few days, so far it is great. Heat also seems to help me, I have a heating pad at work and sometimes I use those therma care heat pads.

    I had a different type of p.t. a few years ago that I liked, I guess it was myofascial release therapy. It is just so difficult to have to go to another appointment (I already have too many Doctors!) a few times a week. Anything that I can do at home is a bonus.

    Good luck,
  3. spmary

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    What is myofascial pain?

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