NO SLEEP for past three to five weeks, PAIN, fog... help

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jipsieyes, Jan 19, 2007.

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    My pain doc was trying me on a methodone treatment this past year, upping the dose 5mfg a day every month. But I started having severe side effects (swelling in feet and neck/face, seizure-ettes (I know, sounds weird), numbness in feet and hands, "blackouts"), so NOW he's going to work me OFF (went from four 5 5mg tabs[plus cymbalta) a day to three a day, some improvement now (no more chest pain attacks, not as manyseizures or blackouts) but my feet still look like tree trunks with toe nails... Besides FM, I have a degenerative disc disease, and stenosis of the spine, and my pain is usually BEST at level of 4, worse at 9. Desperately needed breakthru pain med so FINALLY my doc prescribed me Vicodin for this purpose, to take eves along with cymbalta to help me get better than a couple hours' at a time sleep (since about 1 year ago , can only sleep as long as the pain med working -- during a terrible tooth abcess, dentist had me on Vicodin and it HELPED enormously!)). My pain Doc fought me on adding the Vicodin for months, convinced the methadone would be enough, coupled with Norco (which did nothing for me, despite it being of the same makeup as Vicodin, they told me). Last week he finally ok'd the vicodin, 2 at nite to help me sleep LONGER...
    Well, the sleeplessness haas not gotten better or worse. Since my feet swelled from the methadone three or so weeks ago, I cannot get to sleep or stay asleep easly, when I do it's only for an hour or two. I'm miserable and worried, and worse, in much more pain now than before (I'm at level 7 while I write this). I have probaly had seven hours of sleep in the past five days, total. BUT, it has me like a zombie all the time now, and I have "fallen asleep" standing up (not the resting sleep, the quick drop-off knockout that lasts about ten minutes). Now i cannot drive or do anything by myself. I'm worried I'll have long term brain damage or suffer a heart attack if this keeps up (my bp has been high this past week, abt 155/960. Is the methadone 'taper-off' causing this? If so I expect next week I'll be worse, what with dropping back to TWO 5mg a day. My doc is seeing me this coming week (Friday) as a follow up AND to start me on a different med (he mentioned a combo of effexor and mscontin)....does this sound like ti might help??
    Has anyone else been on a methadone for pain treatment plan? Suffered the same, with sleep deprivation a majaor background? Sorry for typo's -- dead tired, gritty pain and fat-fingered-clumsy... ;-(
    Shea (aka jipsieyes)

    PS: Have "blacked out" - hitting my head on the corner of my desk (it's the "bang' noice that "wakes" me)- three times while trying to get this post off, including corrections. I started at about 5 am, it is now 6:15am...[This Message was Edited on 01/20/2007]
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    Hi there. Sounds like you're really having a tough time. I just read prickles reply to your post and agree with everything said. I have also found OPC-3 - it contains some of the worlds most potent anti-oxidants and the delivery system, crystals that you mix with pure water, is so wonderful. You take this on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and it's managing my pain very well, along with other supplements. When I read the posts from people with FM I wince and sometimes well up with tears, because I know first hand about the sleep deprivation and pain. My health care provider told me that the calcium and magnesium are huge in helping with the sleep. Good luck and God love you.
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    Dear Jipsieyes: Have you tried Ambien? I take it and it helps alot. Put me to sleep fast. Doesn't keep me asleep all night, but it is better than nothing.

    Good Luck and I hope you feel better soon.


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