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    Social anxiety social awkwardness non imaginative non emotional never want people to touch me i obsess about everything dont like certain textures of things dry stuff sand wood paper towels and on and on......., I just really feel out of place all the time I feel weird but ive always felt like this they put me on ridalin when i was 7 and said i had add but it made me feel like a zombie and made all these things worse i did horrible in school. I have a job and Im married but i work with dogs cause i hate to talk with people I don't know what this is I just want answers.
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    It could be Aspergers. It's part of the autism spectrum. You might want to consider being checked out by a Dr.
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    You have real symptoms and, bless your heart, you've been trying to deal with them all by yourself. A good therapist will help you find out what is causing your symptoms and help you deal with them.

    Many of us with CFIDS/ME have similar symptoms. I have sensory overload and can't stand to be touched. I don't like socializing in large crowds either, especially if it's loud. There are many social situations where I'm just not comfortable. My guess is that there is a continuim of these symtpoms from mild to "OMG!"

    Best of luck to you. Please let us know how you are getting along. You deserve to have a happy and comfortable life.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi hrussell, not sure how to answer your post you list a hope heap of things under what circumstances have you felt these things or are they things others have said about you?

    Does your behavior cause you sigificant stress?

    Because like you say you're married that tells you at least one person loves you the way you are, and fell in love with you. Secondly to say you work so all these things dont stop you holding down a job. And as for prefering dogs to people, so do most people. Animals are pretty good judges there instinctual and like stability. Plus theres one person you like more than or as much as dogs or you wouldnt of married them.

    I like dont mind sand under my feet at the beach but dont like it in my swimwear and lets face it sand gets everywhere. I dont like acriylic jumpers i find them rough so i buy cotton.

    Most people get up everyday and spend it trying act "normal" (whatever that is)to "fit in"
    But then if normal is spending ridiculous amonts of money on an item of "designer" clothing just so you can fit in or be admired, id call that pretty insane. And i could go on with examples of being "normal."

    So it brings me back to "something becomes a problem, when its a problem."

    I have a friend with ADD. He has got in trouble because he doesnt react them same to things. But he's far from unemotional, in fact he reacts on emotion. But he's a real nice guy works and lots of friends.

    So i dont know hrussell, if you're upset talk to you're doctor because these things are never black and white theres a whole host of things to consider.

    But thank you for you post