no ssdi increases for the next 2 or 3 yrs

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    Ok, I am completely freaking out now.....I am already trying to live on way less than 11,000/yr - that does not even begin to cover the most basic of living expenses. The only reasons I have managed thus far are some very small savings (that is almost gone) and some additional help from various other sources (mostly small one-time things). As it stands, I have about 200 left after only paying rent, and the yearly increases in ssdi have almost exactly covered the yearly increases in rent. Not to mention that the supplemental coverage to medicare (inc part d) has gone up a lot each yr and is expected to continue to do so....for the things that I use it for, medicare w/o the supplemental coverage is pretty much useless, so if I can't afford that anymore, for all practical purposes i won't have health care coverage. How exactly are people like me supposed to live on that income, esp when chronic illnesses make life more (not less) expensive?????

    here's the article telling about this.......

    Social Security Benefits Not Expected to Rise in ’10

    Published: May 2, 2009

    WASHINGTON — For the first time in more than three decades, Social Security recipients will not get any increase in their benefits next year, federal forecasts show.
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    The absence of a cost-of-living adjustment, calculated under a formula set by law, will be a shock to older Americans already hit by plummeting home values, investment losses and rising health costs. More than 50 million people receive Social Security.

    “Most seniors have never been through a year in which there was no Social Security COLA,” said David M. Certner, legislative counsel at AARP, the lobby for older Americans. Beneficiaries have received automatic cost-of-living adjustments every year since 1975. The increase this year was 5.8 percent.

    In theory, low inflation is good for people on fixed incomes. But it is creating political and policy problems for Congress, which is just learning of the implications for Social Security and Medicare.

    The forecasts, by the Obama administration and the Congressional Budget Office, indicate that Social Security beneficiaries will not receive any cost-of-living increase in 2010 or in 2011. The COLA is intended to preserve the purchasing power of Social Security, by increasing benefits to keep pace with consumer prices. In the last year, overall inflation has been low, largely because of the economic downturn and a decline in energy prices.

    A freeze in Social Security benefits would have major implications for Medicare because the COLA, in effect, puts a cap on premiums for Part B of Medicare, which covers doctors’ services.

    If there is no cost-of-living adjustment for Social Security, about three-fourths of beneficiaries will not see any change in their basic Part B premiums, federal officials said. But some beneficiaries do not have this protection and could face substantial increases in their Part B premiums.

    In addition, millions of beneficiaries could see higher premiums for drug coverage, provided under Part D of Medicare.

    Social Security and Medicare trustees will describe the outlook for benefits and premiums in their annual reports this month.

    Officials have already said the condition of Medicare’s hospital insurance trust fund is deteriorating because of the recession, which has reduced payroll tax revenues, the main source of money for the fund. Spending on Social Security and Medicare totaled more than $1 trillion last year, accounting for more than one-third of the federal budget.

    Most people on Medicare have Part B premiums deducted from their monthly Social Security checks. These premiums have historically increased much faster than Social Security benefits.

    Under federal law, most Medicare beneficiaries have some protection. Their basic Part B premiums cannot rise more than the dollar amount of the cost-of-living increase in their Social Security checks. So if there is no COLA, their basic Part B premiums will not increase.

    But one-fourth of Medicare beneficiaries are not protected by the law, and their premiums could increase.

    Most Medicare beneficiaries pay a monthly Part B premium of $96.40. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the basic premium will rise to $119 next year and $123 in 2011 for those who are not protected under federal law.

    Douglas W. Elmendorf, director of the Congressional Budget Office, predicted that inflation would remain low for several years, so Social Security might not pay a cost-of-living increase until January 2013. President Obama’s budget assumes no increase in 2010 or 2011, then a 1.4 percent COLA in 2012.

    Mr. Certner, from AARP, described the outlook for consumers: “If, as expected, there is no COLA in Social Security next year but premiums for drug coverage increase, as expected, millions of beneficiaries will see their Social Security checks reduced for the first time.”
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  2. AuntTammie

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    I am not really looking for any answers or suggestions, bc honestly I have heard and/or tried and/or am already doing everything possible to reduce costs, seek assistance, etc.....I don't mean that to sound negative or like I don't appreciate all the good suggestions that often arise on here (bc I truly do appreciate them)....I just dont have the energy to reply to a bunch of suggestions of things that I already do know about, and at this point I know that I will find it discouraging to review all that stuff....every time there is anything written about ways to save money (on here or anywhere else I come across it) I read it and just get more upset, bc there are no new answers and the situation is looking really hopeless.....really what is the point of living like this? (I am NOT suicidal - just really discouraged)....I have almost no life as it is, and now it is going to get even harder to finance my non-life
  3. 3gs

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    I have heard for yrs that social security was going to end. Don't know cuz so much stuff is out there.

    Things are crazy all over right now. I know its hard when you are ill and struggling. It boggles the mind to try and figure things out.

    too bad more of us couldnt find someway to roommate.

    no answers but feel your pain
    I know u said u didnt want suggestions but....did u know u can get most movies and tv etc online? have u tried to maybe get cubs games online? Iam downgrading my tv service cuz most things are online and more added everyday.[This Message was Edited on 06/17/2009]
  4. TeaBisqit

    TeaBisqit Member

    You see, what happened was...........that cute little check we got that was a supposed stimulus was not a stimulus at all. It was the exact amount of the two year increase. But they didn't tell anyone the truth about it. So instead of warning people to save that check, they told people to spend it. But the truth was, everyone should have put it away.

    And the same thing was done with the foodstamps. It's a temporary increase that they have advanced. Come January, there won't be an increase. So all they did was advance the increase by half a year.

    I don't know how they expect us to live. It's not living at all. And I might have to be going to foodbanks during the year cause I don't know what else to do.
  5. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    I knew the whole stimulus thing was ridiculous (as is the fact that they gave the people who need it the most, the least amt), and you are rt, that is about what the increase for the sveral months would total; however, in that case, I want another stimulus for next yr (which obviously is not going to happen)

    I have not even been able to get foodstamps, bc of the way the application process is set up - I literally cannot function well enough in the morning, and it is too far away for me to get to the place (& I have been told that if I cannot go there and be there at 8 AM, then forget it) to the food bank, the one that I would have to go to is only open early on Sat mornings, so that is also impossible for me....( I know I was actually awake and writing this thread this morning, but that was an extreme rarity and all I managed to do was look at the computer for a little while until I got sleepier again - no way could I have done anything else)

    they make so many of the ways of getting any extra help so difficult for the people who need it - just the need to do much of it in person is not possible in many cases (depending on when and where)-actually the whole application for ssdi is so incredibly rough and stressful, I think that people who do get it should be rewarded a little extra just for going thru the process LOL ; ) rather than have to then turn around and live on almost nothing and be afraid that even that is going to be taken I wish that they would have it set up so that once you do qualify, if you are getting under a certain amt, you are automatically offered all of the other sorts of help....yes I am complaining, but it is seriously crazy what they expect people with disabilities to gothru to get any help - you almost have to be non-disbaled to be able to manage the applications and stuff
  6. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    a lot of people don't know about that, so I don't really mind that you posted it....

    I do watch some TV on the computer, but for some reason it is harder on my eyes than on the TV set and gives me a headache if I watch much (probably bc I already use the computer a fair amt for other things and I can only handle it for so long)....and one of the shows that I really like (used to watch it at a friend's house) is not on the computer unless you pay for it - I didn't used to care that much about the TV situation, but that was when I actually could do a lot of other things, so I didn't mind not being able to watch it much....still it IS nice to have computer TV as an option

    as far as Cubs games go, it is possible to watch in real time if you pay for it.....if not, you can watch a little diagram of the field that tells you who is up, how many are on base, etc, but that's pretty limited and often lags way behind what is actually happening - you can spend a lot of time looking at an unchanging screen.....not complaining, bc it is better than not getting to "see" them at all, and I do sometimes use this....actually the Cubs used to be one of the only reasons I missed not having TV, so I started "watching" them this way quite awhile back
  7. TeaBisqit

    TeaBisqit Member

    That is my biggest complaint. We are not well enough to go and get the help. I will be applying for foodstamps somewhere around late August or Sept and I have no idea how I will get there or what at this point. Parking there is near impossible. I have a friend who said she would take me, but we'll see.

    All the other help is in terrible areas of town. Like places where you don't belong walking around if you are healthy let alone seriously disabled. They do have places that give free meals and things, but I'm way too scared to go there and not well enough to deal with anything.

    I have the same problems with trying to get to the help. Everyone thinks it's so easy to go places and just keep telling me to go here or there and I look at them like, they are totally insane. I can't do it.

    The system is not setup for people who are sick. It is set up for people who are healthy but poor or healthy but handicapped. There is a huge difference. Those people aren't in a fraction of the pain we are in, nor do they suffer the severe fatigue and cognitive problems we get.

    I am barely functional. I have trouble just walking across street to the office of my building. I had to do that today to give them my annual recertification papers that they force you to fill out to live here. I cannot tell you how sick the short walk has made me. I'm flaring with pain all over and so fatigued now. None of them understand that I really can't do the walking. And filling out all those papers almost killed me. They shouldn't put sick people through all that. One simple letter asking if anything has changed would do it. We shouldn't have to go through fifteen or twenty pages to fill out and then make copies of a million things to give them when they already have it on file but are too lazy to look up.
  8. daylight

    daylight New Member

    God will get us through this. My check is only 634 a month and it's all we are getting as of two weeks ago. My husband had surgery on his ankle and EDD are "thinking " about canceling his unemployment . So we have no money for anything . Just 20 dollars is lift . I know it a hard time for everyone but God will get us through this . He has to . For us there is no food banks open in our area and we have to wait for EDD to make a decision before we try to get help from the welfare dept. Yes I'm scare but we have trust that everything Will be alright .

    Try not to lose hope. (((((HUGS)))))))

  9. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    I'm saying prayers for everyone in this situation. This is very unfair and really makes me mad when I see all the financial injustice in this world.

  10. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    daylight - Are you saying that you and your husband together have to live on that? If so, I cannot imagine how you are managing - my rent alone is about 100 more than that (& I live in the cheapest place around by quite a bit - - where do you live?)

    I will definitely be keeping you both in my prayers (and all of us on here who are faced with this stuff). Trusting in God is the only thing that has brought me thru on many occasions, and I am trying to keep doing so, but this is still really scary to me.....your faith is impressive. I'm glad that you have that.

    teejkay, thanks for the prayers, too

    everyone else - I have started too many threads recently & I try to always reply to everyone, but rt now I can' thanks to all that have responded - I do appreciate it
  11. Leaknits

    Leaknits New Member

    Yes indeed, SSA/SSDI recipients may now bow in thanks to the new so-called prez who wasn't born in the US or any of its' territories but in KENYA...which last time I checked was not a part of the US.

    I heard that some SSI recipients did get the same 5.8% COLA that SSA/SSDI people did...but that then an amount the same as, or greater than, the increase was yanked out of the monthly subsistence check in order to pay for the person's medical care, if that person had been given Medicare/MedicAid/both.

    This new man reminds me horribly of Ronald Reagan who refused us any COLA at all during one year (two? I really can't remember) of his reign; seems he had to fund the illegal and immoral exchange of US guns for foreign drugs which were allowed into depressed (read depressed as minority) neighborhods...all the better to make drug user sweeps easier for the blue or khaki clad authority figures and stuff the prisons overful with non-violent so-called "criminals."

    Old Non-jokes: "Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they aren't out to get you,"
    "If you are not paranoid you are nuts."

    Lea. Who survives somehow on SSDI.