No temporal arteritis

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  1. dash

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    My blood tests indicate that I don't have temporal arteritis because my bloods sed. rate was only 8 and it would have been in the 60-70 range if I had it.

    My C-Reactive was high so, I've got inflammation (Like I didn't know this.) She thinks these headaches are related to the inflamation level and that's why the prednisone gave me relief.

    I can now wean myself off the prednisone and see what happens with the headaches.

    I just thank God with all my heart that I don't have to stay on prednisone.

    Thanks to those who prayed.

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    Hi I've never wrote to you before but I'm Hotfoot, my Dr. misdiagnosed me with Polymyagia Rumatica a few years back.The Giant Cell Oritrtis is part of that problem He put me on prednisone for a year it never helped my pain except afew weeks.He wouldn't let me get off steriods,my wieght went nuts I gained 69 pounds that year and always got yelled at for it. that stuff is nasty side affects.I weaned myself off it and feel better off.He didn't believe in FMS or CFS and I've had both for along time.I hope you don't need to go on the pred. again maybe they could give you something else??i'LL PRAY YOU WOULDN'T NEED IT AGAIN -TAKE CARE-hOTFOOT
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  3. dash

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    Thank you for your concern. I understand how dangerous long term high doses of prednisone can be from experiences in my family.

    It was only because the symptoms indicated I might have it and blindess can be instantaneous that she put me on before confirming. It was the weekend and she felt I shouldn't take the chance since I was having visual disturbances.

    Fortunately both my primary care, rheumatologist and orthopedist all believe in fibro. The pc doc was just concerned that I might have this other stuff on top of everything else.


  4. Angee

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    Well Praise GOD Dash

    I just read your post today about no tem art. Two weeks ago i went thru the same protocal. My sed rate was 52 and headaches with high Creatine also. She put me on prednisone also, i have been on it 8 days now. I got a good report from eye doctor who stated temp art== was not active. Thank GOD

    But having Fibro for 5 years and now she thinks it is Rheumatiod also. I guess this is contribting to the inflammation only God knows.

    How long did you take the prednisone?? And how long will it take for you to wean off of it. I am so looking foward to this she also gave me xanax which i have only taken 3 times as it does raise my heart rate.

    Well again GOD Bless and I will be praying for all of us here on the message board. I have been out of circulation for a while but by the grace of God I can see precious and merciful changes comming.

    In GODS Love

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  5. dash

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    I've been on prednisone since last Friday, but tomorrow, I will be down to my last dose (10mg). I started treatment on 40 mg/day.

    My doctor told me that if it was definitely temporal arteritis, I would be on prednisone long term, possibly years.