No winning SSDI if you don't have the points,Right?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Dee50, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. Dee50

    Dee50 New Member

    I have not earned enough points for SSDI and was denied in less than two weeks.

    The letter said "You do not quailify for disability benefits because you have not worked long enough under Social Security."

    A lawyer told me I have nothing to fight with to get SSDI. Does that sound right? I do or don't appeal this?

    I just finished the paperwork for state disability.

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  2. Dee50

    Dee50 New Member

    Thanks Gigi,

    That's what I thought but I'm so foggy nowdays thanks for answering my post.

    I'm working on SSI.

    But have to much if they count my husband bussness. And to much money in the bank. But not enough money for the operation $26,000. I just had. So now we have a lien on everything we own. No insurance. YUCK and I'm still very ill now doctors don't want to see me because they no I'll going broke.

    This kinda stuff makes ya think bad thoughts about doctors!!!!! No money well than go die quietly then and please stop calling us (doctors) trying to get an appointment.!!! It makes me sick to my stomach but I'm living it :-(

    In the middle of a big

  3. Milo83

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    Yes, I am on SSDI, but even with that when I had my Hearing, they had to know how much money we had in the bank (that's a laugh), our utility bills, mortgage, hubby's income, everything - which I don't think is right - it did not hurt my case, but if a person is no longer able to work, and they worked enough in their life to get SSDI, then to me it shouldn't matter - you paid into it - now I could see if someone had lots, and lots of money, and had more than enough to live on for life....

    Also, I was told, that I can not ever have more than $2,000 saved in order to keep my SSDI, which I don't, so it's no problem - my SSDI helps cover our monthly bills,including docs, and RX's - we don't have anything left to save........

    My son also got a check up until he turned 18yrs of age, and I would get a yearly statement to fill out, to make sure I wasn't spending his money on lavish things -

    But then again, I already did hear of stories of people spending their kids check and getting new cars, boats, whatever, and the kid is doing without.........

    I really don't understand the whole situation sometimes, I worked in a retail grocery store for 17yrs, and the same people would shop with food stamps, got SSD or SSI, and would even tell me they had inground pools, drove off in fancy cars, etc........NOW THERE HAS TO BE SOMETHING WRONG WITH OUR SYSTEM..........

  4. kch64

    kch64 New Member

    Yes, you have to have earned enough "points" by paying into the system, before you can earn anything back.

    I don't have enough either, if I needed disability, I couldn't use Social Security.

    I worked in a regular job when I was younger and paid some in, but then switched to federal govt. employer, and we pay into a different retirement system under the old plan.

  5. Dee50

    Dee50 New Member

    Thanks for all the posts the is great cause I'm foggy foggy.

  6. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I'm soooooo sorry that you did not have enough work credits to qualify for SSDI. And .. it sounds as if you can't qualify for SSI either.

    Holiday Hugs,
  7. Dee50

    Dee50 New Member

    I'm fighting for tests to rule out MS.

    At the ER a few nights again my blood Pressure was running 88/44 laying down and shoting way up when I would sit up.

    And they ran a cat scan it was neg. and sent me home. Bad brain fog nowdays and no short term memory to speak of.

    I don't understand ER?

    At least my pain level is low for now-my body is burning out the pain or I handle the burning feeling better don't no which.

    Take care,
  8. Muddieanne

    Muddieanne New Member

    I'm glad someone explained the difference bt. SSD and SSI to you. It is confusing. Pursue the state disability because you live in a state that has it.

    Just to be sure about SSD--did you list every employer who deductedSS from your checks AND did every employer respond accurately to the inquiry letter?

    How many more quarters of work do need? Is it possible for you to work again after your future state benefits run out and they will at some point.

    Check and re-check all information. Mistakes can be made.

  9. Dee50

    Dee50 New Member

    Good morning,

    Yes I'm happy to understand the differents nowdays between to two but I'm not going to get either.

    Even if I had filed for SSDI two years ago at the begining of this last battle with this stuff I still was short but not by much.

    I will check and re-check all information.

    I"m thankful to have goten my kids raised dealing with this stuff-I've been so ill for so long.

    I just delt with it over all the years like so many of us do-Praying that it would pass. I've never been healthy enough to work outside my home and care for my family, and every time I tried I never made it passed to 2 year

    I now that there are many folks that fit into this same catagory I'm in that can't get SSDI or SSI and we are very ill. But until we run out of money and lose most our material things SSI is not going to help us. It's sad but the truth.

    This time many things are different with my health. This stuff is being a real hard hitter. Or I'm just getting to old to handle it!lol

    But I'm still alive and fighting for a cure! :)

    Take care,

  10. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    you can qualify for ssi, but you will more than likely have to spend up your savings...they have certain things that are exempt as liquid assets.....home, one car, and furniture can have 3,ooo cash in bank if married....less if single....and children under the age of 18 years their savings is considered your liquid assets aswell, doesn't seem fair to the kids...

    you will have to pull out your liguid assets out your bank and say you spent it on certain etc...the honest people get nothing...the people that know how to work the system seem to know how to get things in their favor...
    i've been finding out myself....

    and yes you can be on (ssdi), and still have medi-care insurance and medi-cal or medicaid pick up your monthly premium and co-pays, but you have to keep your assets to the maximum allowed assets in your state....

    i have just requalified for medi-cal to pick up my monthly premium for my medicare stuff....i just recieved my lump sum of money owed to me from 2004 ssdi for my child and lump sum for my current case so i have well over $3,000 in the bank right now.....

    so my case worker told me she will give me 6 months to spend up y money, so i can't afford to buy a home in california that would exempt me, and i don't really want to buy a new car because my neighbor in another carport keeps backing up and smashing my bumper and rear quarter why would i want to buy a new one to smash up too....

    and my son is almost 16 years old in another week, i have to tell him to keep his money out the bank...and i may need to tell him he can not buy a car out of his own money until he turns 18.....

    i will be taking out my money out of the bank because if i keep it in there i may as well write the check out to the state and get it over with and i will have nothing period...nothing to fall back on and 2 or 3k in the bank here in cali is not much when your rent is over 1200 a month just for a 2 bedroom apt...nothing fancy they take xection vouchers here so we have the drugs and hookers here too...

    so you and your husband my need to do some personal investigating on how you can keep your assets or invest in a new home to spend up your assets....they exempt vechile to transport a disabled person in....they have alist of items you guys just may need to be smarter than them.....people pull money out and put it in a safe deposit or home secured safe....

    and sdi is only good here for 52 weeks max in california...

    so plan ahead to protect yourselves.....

    you maybe could have your husband consider you an employee and pay state taxes and fed taxes so you could get the points that you need to qualify for ssdi....then you may need to requalify for ssdi....

    check w/county about health insurance for yourself and i know there are plans out hte for disabled people that already ahave insurance that will pay for your monthly premiumms, i have that going for me right in calironia.

    well you have a lot of research to do and good luck


  11. Dee50

    Dee50 New Member


    You gave me lots of good information THANKS.

    I'm new at this but I'm learning the hard

    Happy Holidays