No Wonder They Think We Are NUTS

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    We walk into our Dr's office for a visit with the following

    I have muscle aches and pains intermittently in many areas of my body at different times.

    I have constipation and gas that causes me great embarressment in social events.

    I need to frequently urinate repeatedly throughout the day,
    sometimes 10-20 times a day.(can be a problem finding toilets)8*)

    I have intermittent periods of low blood pressure that
    make me want to faint.

    My body temperature rises for no reason and I get awfully
    hot and sweaty.

    I have periods of extreme fatigue that comes and goes.

    I have off and on periods where I loose my sense of balance.

    I have intermittent periods of mental confusion, cognitive
    difficulty, and memory loss.

    So Doc.... we say .... Whats the diagnosis?

    Doctor looks up in the sky and thinks for a moment......

    You are suffering from a condition of 1) hypochondriasis
    or 2) somatic disorder or 3) neurotic disorder
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    That`s how they treat us but they are really the ones that are nuts. That very same thing is still being taught in many medical schools so its no wander they believe that.

    Every time I go to my regular doctor he says,"Oh you`re just stressed, or your just depressed." There`s nothing wrong with you. You are health! Ya right, they haven`t got a clue and are a waste of our precious time.

    This is a horrible disease that no one should have to suffer much less have hardly anyone believe them. Its not fair but then life is not fair.

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    The Doctor assumes it's all in your head.

    But guess what ... it is in my head.

    Fibromyalgia is a BRAIN dysfunction and central nervous
    system disorder affecting ALL parts of the body including
    the heart, intestines, organs etc....

    Thats why we have so many symptoms in so many areas of the body..... DUH !

    It's not rocket science.

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    You don't need to pay someone good money to hear that kind of crap. His kind will be dying off soon enough, and so called modern medicine will progress.

    He obviously believes in the arcane theory of neurasthena, which should be a myth by now.