No Wonder we are sick.......bad foods

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    I have been reading and hearing about the tainted pet foods.
    Supposed to be from Melamine (SP?) that the Chinese use in their fertilizer. We use what they supply from a corn product that is turned into a gluten, a food filler. Melamine is a Nitrogen for the fertilizer they make. Melamine is used to make Formica counter tops, seats in cars, and many different products. Sounds yummy?

    OK.....why are we importing it, don't we grow enough corn? Lets grow more. Well we will be for our new form of fuel for our vehicles.

    If accepted as a food product then it makes sense that it is in much of our processed foods, that is prepared for human consumption? Frozen, boxed, baked, etc.

    Now our 130 lb. body (or much more or less) can tolerate much more than our 3 lb. dog. Are we gradually poisoning ourselves? Look at the growth, the world is experiencing of many illnesses including Autism.

    "They" first blamed it on rat poison, in the pet food. But now they are saying it is that ground up plastic in the fertlizer. Ships bringing cargo are loaded and a powder form of rat posion is sprinkled around. It then produces a gas in the hold. Doesn't that get into the containers of what is being shipped?

    I also have heard that some organic farmers buy produce when needed from non-organic farmers and sell it along with their produce. Everyone makes more money this way. Of course I am sure there is some that do not do this. Just something else to be aware of. Scary.

    No wonder we are sick. Maybe I am making a mountain out of a mole hill. But it is something we need to
    consider. all of us.............Susan
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    You're NOT making a mountain out of a mole hill...we are slowly poisoning ourselves. It's all around us...just about everything we consume if it didn't come out of our own garden!!!

    I don't know what to do about it. I've switched to organic milk, organic meat, and organic produce (if I can afford it after buying the meat/milk -- which seems a little more important as at least I can wash the produce).

    I am starting, today actually, to grow my own sprouts. That will be a GREAT provider of nutrition for my family.

    All these "convenience" foods my family and I have consumed all these years so I could work full time are coming back to bite us in the rear!!!

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    I work in a clothing store, alot of our clothing comes from India, China ect... The smell of the dyes in the lovely cotton tops and dresses is so strong it often takes my breath away when I open the boxes. The dyes come out onto your skin this can't be good! We must never forget to wash everything with salt water before wearing...
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    It's no mole hill hunny ... it is bigger than Mt. Everest. I remember when the Cuyahoga River (Cleveland Ohio) used to catch on fire from all of the crap dumped in it and Lake Erie had fish washing up dead ... I have watched my IDIOT NEIGHBOR carelessly dumping old antifreeze and other things down the storm drain (which runs into the nearby river). I had no idea we were buying food products from China?!?!? Even if it is for PET food. I am sure there is no quality control over there. I consider my kitty cat my child. I lost her sister last fall. She died a horrible painful death. I had called the vet but they couldn't see her until later that day and she died that afternoon. She showed signs of that renal failure and I hate myself for not taking her to the Vet ER. She was my love cat and I failed her. Luckily her sister didn't eat the wet food.
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    Can you tell me about washing in saltwater?

    Thanks ~GigglePoet
  6. GigglePoet

    GigglePoet New Member

    Can you tell me about your peroxide solution?

    thanks GigglePoet
  7. pw7575

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    There is so much crap in food and everything. It is SOOO unhealthy! The sad thing is that most people have no idea. Many of us know this stuff because we are sick and have researched a lot about health etc.

    But regular people who aren't sick have no clue. They don't think to research health stuff. Many people think they are healthy when they really aren't.

    People trust the government and the grocery stores. They don't even think twice that the stuff they are selling and putting in our food is really bad.

    It is too bad that most people are so poorly educated on health and nutrition. Most of what people have learned in school, from the media, and from the government about what is healthy is actually NOT healthy at all.

    I have learned so much since becoming sick. I wish other people knew the stuff that we know now. They are all on the road to ill health.

    Take Care,
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    The washing of produce was good to know. My husband had some strawberries not to long ago. Instead of rinsing them. he soaked them a few minutes in ordinary cold water.

    He was shocked to find a lot of sediment at the bottom of the pan. When he put the berries in the water, they were very clean looking and beautiful....

    This will help keep me from grabbing a grape and popping it in my mouth when at the grocers......LOL

    goldyfm ......good suggestion.......but my hubby works all over and I just can not do it. We did for a few yrs. sometime ago.....I love home can tomatoes and all. DH even did sauerkraut which was the best ever. Caned was better than frozen. I was raised on home canned goods, produce from the garden and fresh lettuce... and chickens that was fed the right things. Eggs and chicken is not the same...even at the grocery back then.

    My family moved and we had to buy canned and fresh produce, we could hardly eat it. It was terrible to us. I love about all veggies and wish I could have a garden. Now days it is a chore to cut a tomato! {:+}

    Thanks for all the postings..........Susan
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    great info here!

    i even wonder now about what i grow in my own garden (a pittance of what we actually need to eat!) -- how much lead and mercury is in/on my soil?? i live 4 miles from a coal-burning power plant?

    it is sad. people trust the FDA. ANY govt. agency is made up of people. and *people* can be bribed. who can we really trust to say things are safe?

    gotta read, study and keep sharing our findings with each other.
  10. sues1

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    I briefly talked to a person I know well in this business earlier today.
    I spoke of gluten and such. I asked if there was ever a reason to add it to their products. He said no way. We make gluten along with the flour. They process lots of wheat. Wheat is now being refered to and not the corn.

    He stated that thier company (and it is a large one) exports products out all the time. He said that he could not ever understand this, why they do not use it here in the USA and instead import for our use from other countries.

    I do know that this mill does process for some well known companies in the United States, so it is not totally exported. So I feel a "little" safer with these products.

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