Nodule on thyroid

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by runningstream6, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. runningstream6

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    I'm wonder if anyone else has had this, as my Dr. wants me to go for an ultra sound guided needle aspiration? I have read this procedure is extremely painful and wonder if it is something I really need to go thru. Has anyone else gone thru this experience. I am considering not going.
  2. runningstream6

    runningstream6 New Member

    Thank you for the link, it looks interesting, as far as I know I am in the normal range in my thyroid blood work; nodule was discovered by a Dr. when I went to a walk in clinic due to making sure I didn't have an infection, interestingly the nodule was much more visible than and actually hurt to the touch, now is much smaller and can only be seen when I swallow, but was like that when I had the ultra sound, basically they want to see if it is benign or otherwise; because I have
    cfs/fibro I don't like to have invasive tests done due to what can happen and most likely it is nothing.
  3. runningstream6

    runningstream6 New Member

    Hi jaminhealth,
    I like your username, I take a product called thyrosense to support my thyroid as I've noticed that I have some of the symptoms that go with low thyroid function, I'm definitely going to look in to what they suggest on the web site you mention. I'm really grateful for your post as my instinct is to not have the aspiration done as it has already created way too much stress for me and I've read that people with this illness can have nodules that come and go or stay away.
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    Hi jaminhealth, I don't have access to my most recent lab work but will ask the Dr. at my next Dr. apt. as my last test was for my thyroid

    I am 57, yes I'm a big believer in listening to my instincts. I've had cfs/fibro 15 years and counting, fatigue and pain have been the major symptoms. Had to stop working although I kept on for as long as I could, my story is typical of many people that have come down with this illness, I was working full-time, loved my job, was going to school at the same time and enjoyed skiing, hiking, etc. coming down with this illness was quite the shock to me and adjustment in lifestyle.

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    I essentially agree with jamin, but I remember reading an article about ME/CFS patients being found with 6000% higher incidence of thyroid nodules and some being cancer, including on the parathyroids.

    Can you get a CT scan first, before any invasive biopsy? I think you'd have to drink some kind of dye for the scan, but certainly worth a try.

    It was Donald Scott of the Common Cause Foundation, I believe, that published that article; either him or Byron Hyde. I'm sorry I don't have a link for you, but maybe you can find it online somewhere.

    So many of these things do come and go and are transitory, but they sure can drive me nuts!

    Best to you, runningstream6...
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    My thyroid specialist found one this year on me but it is small and he is just going to watch it I have to go back in two years unless I feel it grow. My mother has one and he does a ultrasound on hers once a year she is due right now so I have to get her in there. Both of our thyroids are fine.
  7. runningstream6

    runningstream6 New Member

    Thank you for taking the time to reply. I just got a call from the clinic telling me when I was booked in for needle aspiration; I had a full on anxiety attack, I couldn't control it, I don't see how I can go thru with what the test involves; I'm going to ask my Dr. if he will agree to just watch it with an utltra sound. I am just recovering from a bout of shingles and can't seem to handle anything else. Wish you all the best

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