Nodules on thyroid? Scared

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    I am getting a little scared.Went to y new rhuemy(love her) a few days ago and she found nodules on my thyroid.Sent me for an ultra sound which showed two nodules on right side.They are hard, not cysts so she wants a biopsy.Does this mean cancer or just a precaution? Due to holiday I haven't been able to talk to family doc andask questions so I am turning to the wisdom of those of you on this board.I will be waiting for any replys.And am going to try my docagain right now. tinaeve


    You are in a position I was in a few months ago. I however was seen by an Encronologist for the thyroid. You know funny thing is that I have always been the type of person to make sure every year to go for my annual check ups. I could not understand why my primary doctor did not feel these nodules in my thyroid area even after I complained to him time and time again that I felt that I could swallow and I felt uncomfortable wearing things around my neck.

    The way that I found out that I had nodules on my left side was that an MRI was done as part of the process of elimation of my Fibro symptoms. And there they were. Two white hard cysts on my left side. At least they looked white on the x-ray. Then I wished I had a noose to place around my neck. :)

    Well, my first recommendation to you would be is to ask for something that would relax you prior to your biopsy day. This surgery, for me anyway, was so uncomfortable. (worst scenario) I mean, they first numb the area that they will perform the biopsy and then the fun begins. I can remember very cleary seeing about 5 doc/nurses in the room because your awake during the whole time. One it poking you to get samples of the cysts....then he hands the sample to some one else, who places it on a small square glass for testing...someone else puts your name on it.......and someone else verifies that this samples belongs to you....and then the last person is there to hold your hand.

    What an experience! It took about an hour for the procedure and if I ever had to go through this again I would asked to be taken under.

    Good news........the results came back negative. So don't be's just a procedure that needs to be done and be sure that you schedule your follow up appts.

    Hey, let us know what the results are and what you experienced.


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    for your quick reply! I have talked to my doc again this morn.She wants me to go through some other thyroid scans and x_rays before the biopsy.Hopefully these will rule out some things and maybe(i hope!) the biopsy will not need to be done.But if it does I will take your advice and ask to be sedated.I am quite the wiggle worm and may not be able to lay so very still.These first tests aren't scheduled until May 1 and 2.So I have 2 long weeks to wait! I will let everyone know what I experience.tinaeve
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    I just went to the sight and bookmarked for reference.Can't wait to start educating myself! tinaeve
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    on my thyroid. This is a repeat ultra sound. A year ago I had one done and it showed I had several nodules. Then I had the nuclear medicine study, don't know what the medical term is for that. Anyway, at that time everything was OK. The Endocrinologist wanted another ultra sound just to be sure nothing has changed. I had the ultra sound done last week and haven't heard back yet. I have already had 2/3 of my thyroid removed from a cancerous tumor. So, actually I'm glad she's taking the extra precautions.

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    i had my thyroid removed 21 yrs ago due to nodes. i had been having problems with my throid going up & down.the doc found i had 12 nodes and he said we were just going to take it out!i felt a 100% better after it was nodes were not cancerous.dont worry too much over it.

    kathy c
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    What a scarey thing to have to go thru. I have some advice too. I had 3 breast biopsys done where they put me in la-la land. My last one was with the radiologist who talked me into a core biopsy, with just a local injection. I won't tell you the details, but never, ever again!! Please ask them to sedate you enough so you don't know a thing. It is bad enough to worry about this without worring about the procedure when they can sedate you. My prayers are with you and good luck to you!! Love, Deb
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    Tinaeve, please don't be scared. I have had 2 biopsies done on my nodules. One was unpleasant but not particularly painful; the other was not bad at all. It all depends on the skill of the doc doing it. I had ultrasound followed by a nuclear scan. My DO originally found my nodules through normal palpitation of my throat during a physical. I think the nodules just got to a point where they could be felt.

    If you have nodules on your thyroid, you should ask to be referred to an endocrinologist for followup. Nodules are not automatically cancerous; however, they can become cancerous and so you need to keep a close eye on them (I have the biopsy done every 12-18 months). My sister had her thyroid removed because she had nodules and, back then, they automatically removed a thyroid with nodules. I'm just watching mine.

    Nodules are serious but not uncommon. Many women have them. They can run in families. Try to be at peace and practice some relaxation techniques before your procedure. Visualize the peace you will feel before and during it and how it all will go. I am quite certain you will come through with flying colors and be pleasantly surprised at how easy it all is.
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    Your post really has put me at ease.Thanks to all who offer support.Now I will wait patiently until May 1.God Speed to all,tinaeve


    Just wanted to follow up and find out how your appointment went yesterday?

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    Thank you so much for remembering my appt.It is such a good feeling to know that there are people out there who care about me and don't even know me.
    After I had the thyroid scan and uptake,which was a breeze,lots of fancy equipment taking scans of my neck,I went to an Ear,Nose and Throat specialist.He said that my thyroid seemed to be functioning properly but due to the nodules there was something going on in my throat that was not right.He ordered a CT Scan for this Tuesday and a follow up appt. with him on Fri. morn.I do have a goiter in my neck and said this was an old fashioned term simply meaning a swollen thyroid.The CT Scan should tell why.So...I must wait another week to find any answers.The good news is that my fibro symptoms seem to be acting nice for the past week!! Think it is a combination of warmer weather and the increase of my neurontin to 1800 mg a day.Am VERY thankful for that.I will post again next Fri. after I see the doc again.Hope you are feeling well. tinaeve
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    How are things going? I've been away, nice to hear that your appt. went well. Keep us posted on developments!
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    My gynecologist was the first to find my nodules about 18 years ago. It's kind of ironic because he is a huge man (had to duck to get through the labor room door). As I was going through the process of determining exactly what they were and what to do about them I was told that IF I had thyroid cancer it is one of the slowest growing and most curable types of cancer you can have.

    That said, I do remember how difficult it was to wait to find out the results of all the tests. Back then they didn't do CT scans or even ultrasound. I've had ultrasound several times in recent years to check on the status of my nodules.

    I've been on Synthroid for this for the past 18 years and have been fairly stable most of the time. I hope this eases your mind a bit.

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    Thanks for easing my mind.God knows I don't need any more worries.Hopefully meds will control all this.I spoke wit one of my brothers and he has some symptoms like mine,has for years but won't go get checked ot.Can't figure out why he wouldn't want to feel better! Now am on a crusade to get him in to see my doc.
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