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    Hi there, I'm just curious. If you don't mind me asking:
    why do you go to a neurologist? What does she/he do for you? I have yet to get a neurologist that will listen to me!
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    My Nuerologist that treated me for years and years for migraines refused to believe that I had FM. He said all kinds of mean things about it and said I should stop taking all my FM meds ( that were perscribed by my Rhemy and internist )...said I was killing myself with it!!!

    I was soo upset I wrote him a letter. Then I told my Rhuemy who CALLED him and spoke to him right in front of me....he told him about the research etc.

    If you find a good doctor who can help you with these dd...get down on your knees and Thank God!!!

  3. ABLUV

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    I took half a 25mg for a year, after that the spells increased so then I raised the dose to 25mg for a yr
    The seizure-looking episodes I had slowed down a lot; my mom and husband noticed too! But after a yr at 25mg the spells have increased again so now I think I need to raise the dose a little and see if that will do the trick. The real trick is getting the neuro to approve this. Please pray for me; I need this doctor to listen to me.

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