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    Yes, I can't stand most all noises and bright lights. I feel like my senses are on a high all the time. I want to know if anyone else feels this as well. Sometimes, while sitting in a room with the door shut waiting to see the doctor I have to open the door because I feel like I am starting to have difficulty breathing. Also, sometimes while riding in a car I have to open the window. Riding in the car also makes my numbness and tingling much more noticable. Even in my own home I sometimes feel the need to just go outside. I don't think I could ever fly again if the flight will be more than an hour. I don't like to be enclosed and I need my feet on the ground. Never felt like this before. I hate it.
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    to much that has already been mentioned in various threads on this message board. Don't have energy to write out in detail today...
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    but lights and noises do. I guess that's why I like being home so much. I can control the amount of noise and lights there.

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    The same slight seizure state which causes sensory overload also causes anxiety which can manifest as feeling like you are suffocating in close quarters. I get this in crowds too. I can't stand to have people pressing up against me.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi.I am very sensitive to bright lights and noise too.My husband is hard of hearing but won't wear a hearing aid,so the noise thing really bothers me.But I've always been claustraphobic so don't know if it is any worse or not.The list of things that bother you with fibro just keeps growing and growing.Sometimes I think it is like the eveready bunny on T.V. LOL bejo
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    I had'nt noticed this in the car before but the last time I had to ride 35 miles to my doctors appt I thought I would suffocate before I got there .Really had to talk to myself to get through it. Maybe opening a window would help. I was going to ask if anyone would mind but just talked myself out of it.Hope your feeling better by now. God bless Danisue
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    Noise, bright lights, small spaces, and I don't like to feel warm at all! I have the a/c going in the dead of winter here. I am afraid to open windows as I get bronchitis easily, so I go for the a/c for that cool feeling instead. If I go outside I need to dress very warm, and that takes too much energy sometimes.

    I don't like dark or shadowy places either. I keep lights all over the house at night, even in the daytime if its a cloudy day. I hate walking into a dark room now too.

    Funny thing, I am not a person that is scared of being alone, its just certain things that bother me. I can go outside in the dead of night (its pitch dark here in the county no street lights) and I am fine, but can't stand the house to be dark inside. Maybe it feels like its closing in?? who knows!

    The car does not bother me, unless I get warm, then I will put the a/c on. BUT I do feel like I can't breath well with the seatbelt on. I don't like to be strapped in anything.

    I have to have the door open in the bedroom, but the draperies have to be closed at night. All the draperies are opened in the day. Go figure.

    I need a Xanax to cross the Causway bridge here in Louisiana, its 24 miles long, and I start to hyperventilate about halfway over it without the pill.

    Also I don't like to be in a crowd anymore, and don't want strangers touching me.

    We really are a bunch of coconuts! Anyway, at least you are not alone, some of us are worst than you are.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    This is me all over again. In the Doctor*s office room waiting for hiim to come in I sometimes feel like I am going crazy. I get up and look out the window if there is one or open the door if I can. I even did this when I was a teenager. Flying, forget it. Since My E.R experience last week I don*t even want to go to church right now. Too closed in. I want to get up and run oout. People will think I am crazy. If I get too hot I am out of there as fast asd I can get out. Or I panic. And I alwys take a water battle with me or I panic without water. I hate riding buses and cruses are out of the question. Yes, you are right I want my feet on the ground no oxyguyn mask, and plenty of cool fresh air. No crowding either. Along with bright lights, noise, smells and over stimulation. Thanks for listening. jennifer from ca
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    OH my God, the constant "talk talk talk" about anything or nothing, he has to share every single thought that goes thru his little head, it is about as bad to me as the pain, it seems to trigger the pain in fact. I have tried every single thing I can think of to get it across to him that he is really making my pain and fibro worse by not just even stopping once in a while and letting me take a break from the noise. I sound so dang intolerant I know and my poor hubby doesn't know what to do, we remind him probably at least 10 times every day to plese just share in conversation, not every thing he thinks, nothing works.

    He is actually my nephew we have been raising and it looks like he may go back to live with him Mom (my sis) as she seems to have made improvements in her life and wants him back and he seems to want to be with her too and I feel so horribly guilty for thinking "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh the quiet, yeah......................"

    I think that fibro and an adhd child are a definite no no.

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    As with most of you, brightlights, loud noise, too many people bother me. I am a medical transcriber so I have headphones on all day, listening to those silly doctors, in a fairly compact room w/ 8 other women. I am also claustrophobic and fibromyalgic. By the end of the day, I just want peace and quiet. Like someone else said, my husband is hard of hearing so our TV is usually too loud for me. It seems the quieter I can get it the better I like it. Thankfully, we don't have children at home, just an 8 yr old grandson that visits sometimes. I really feel like I'm getting so short tempered sometimes just dealing with the "outside world", it scares me. Thanks for listening to me. What a great place to unload all your fears and hangups.