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  1. LindaW

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    Am I going crazy or what? I just came home from the beach beacuse I just can't stand all the noise and people. Cell phones, noisy radios, mom's screamong at their children. Does anyone else have this problem? Things that never irrated me, now seem so amplified. Guess I'll just stay
    home or go late in the day-thanks for listening
  2. tnnanatx

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    noise never bothered me untill lately. My dogs bark and by the end of the day I'm telling them I'm having their barker taken out.(wouldn't realy) It seems as the day goes by the more the noise bothers me. This DD I hate it. Always something new starting up.

    Soft Hugs,
  3. fullarmor

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    Yes, I'm definitely irritated by noises. Any pretty much any noise can get to me. I try listening to the radio while i'm cooking, and that annoys me. Other people talking on the phone near me at work can annoy me too. It's like my senses are so sensitive, any slightly loud noise gets under my skin. Ugh!!!
  4. bamboo

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    yes, yes, yes! we had to move from our last house because the people behind us had 3 dogs that they just let bark from 6 am til 11 pm and refused to do anything about it. it was just awful for me. i like dogs, but their barking drives me up the wall if it has any duration. we now live near a houseful of young men who drive fast cars while playing throbbing bass up and down our street. i would love to live in the country just to relax, as the stress of noise makes everything feel worse for me. (we stay in the city because of the lack of healthcare farther away.) when i was at my sickest, i couldn't stand to go to a mall, watch tv, listen to the radio, etc. so, yea, count me in on the noise issue. sometimes, i would like to just tie a pillow around my head to filter out the volume. . .i sleep with ear plugs, but am not comfortable using them during the day.
    pardon the venting - this is a large issue for me!
  5. IgotYou

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    When I'm having a flare up noise really gets to me. I've noticed it's much worse if I've eaten too many carbs or not had enough sleep. Sounds I normally enjoy (like music) will drive me batty, and the kids' constant questions push me to the edge of sanity. It almost can't get quiet enough, and I just want to walk around with a hand in front of my face and say "shhhh!" If it's bad for you all of a sudden, that's not surprising to me, and chances are it will pass later when you're feeling better. It's just another one of those weird things we go through.
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  6. suz41

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    Hi lw:

    Your not crazy, I have found myself extremely sensitive to noise, particularly this past year. Sometimes my own kids when their friend are over drive me up the wall and back down again. Noise sometimes can be so overwhelming i either close my office door at the local high school I work at or go in my room at home to calm my irritated brain. Its just part of this whole dd some days better some worse, you have alot of company. I just try and set boundries on my bad days with my kids about noise levels in particular. Hope that knowing many of us feel this way helps you a little. Take Care.

  7. Hinemoa

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    and bring up the posts on Sensory Overload.

    I can't do, listen to, taste or look at so many things that I used to enjoy because of this symptom of CFS/FMS.

    You're not crazy and you're in good company,