Noisy Neighbor just moved in

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  1. livin4him

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    I just need to vent for a minute...
    I've lived in a new apartment complex for 6 months and have been very happy because no one has been living below me. The girl upstairs is quiet like me. Now, this guy has moved in below and when he is home, (he was gone all week), it is music blaring on and off all day. When it's not his music, he is very loud and other things like door slamming, walking, etc. It vibrates in my apartment and is giving me a headache. I lived in a house before this and before that lived on my own 40 acres with no other houses around. The last time I had lived in apartments was early in my marriage (divorced now).

    I grew up with 8 brothers so I know how loud they can be. Women just seem to be quieter and you know how it is having this DD and what noise does, any kind, esp. loud. Anyway, I just went and put a polite note in the crack of his door. Hopefully, he will be respectful and turn down his music.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

    Thanks ya'll.
  2. lenasvn

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    Oh, an apartment is a nightmare. I lived in houses mostly too, and once you had that, you'll never really get used to neighbor noise. I am so sorry, it can sure make the blood pressure go high,,,

    Does he play after 10PM? THAT he can not do, by law. Unfortunately he can play during the day. Daytime noise can be hard to beat when speaking to the landlord. It all depends on how good he/she is with individual needs.

    The advice to talk to the guy yourself first is a good start. He might be more sympathetic than you know. Just tell him the walls are paper thin, and that you don't want to be a nag, but,,,,
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  3. spider-girl

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    im a nosie neighbor im 18 n my friends always hang out at mine but if some1 comes round n complain were all very polite n we do make an effot. its not on perpose we jst get carried away but r neighbors n realy rude 2 us even wen we apologis but we gave them a xmas card off all my friends n they have been nicer. i thnk aslong as u tell th guy politely he will be koool bout it.
  4. dani78xo

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    I have that exacttt problem.
    We eventually complained to the management so that two of the people living downstairs got kicked out...
    But since their relative still was living there,
    They just moved back in...illegally.
    They vibrate our apartment allll the time because EVERYTIME they use their door they slam it so hard...
    And they blast music whenever they can.

    It's extremely hard living with chronic migraines and that at the same time. It only makes it that much worse.

    Management won't do anything about it now,
    even though they know that the people moved back in.
    Theyre not even supposed to live there in the first place!

    People are so inconsiderate.
    It really ticks me off.
  5. findmind

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    Gosh, that is a really hard problem to help anyone with. I think I would talk to them continuously, let them know I am friendly and like others, and then when they are noisy, I would tap on the floor with something.

    You could tell them you need to do that, to just remind them their noise is not just bothersome, but can make you have something like a convulsion or heart attack.

    Maybe they'll move! LOL

  6. livin4him

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    Just checked back on and found all the replies. Everyone here is so great to take the time to do that. I am so sorry for everyone who has this type of problem. Well, I just wrote that note today - I will see, I hope he is the type of person who will do it out of respect.

    Sweetpotatoe - I will say a prayer for you and your family that God will open a door for you to get into a safe neighborhood and a nice home. That he will surround you as with a shield and protect you and your family.

    God bless you all.
  7. marw

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    Have I ever!!!!! I swear sometimes I think it is the whole cause of the DD! Maybe I just had the DD lightly before, but when the noisy neighbor moved over me, my body went to h-ll! I had lived in the same apartment for 25 years with never a problem, had lots of different tenants over me, but they were always nice. THEN CAME THE HORRIBLE MAN! He didn't even work! I had this terrible racket going 24/7 and nearly drove me crazy. Nothing helped with him, not telling him, not telling the landlord, and the landlord DID call him....he just ignored it. Finally, he was so loud, the ceiling vibrated and knocked the plaster off the celing in my pantry. The next week-end I caught him sneaking out at 4 a.m. with all his furniture, moving out the back door! I could only say THANK GOD! He never left a forwarding address, was really strange.

    So then I thought I would be home free, but got ANOTHER ONE!!! This time she is a woman. At least she works. BUt one of her biggest problems is the LOUD MUSIC!! This is worse that the loud feet and the things she drops, and the crashing about.

    If I have the landlord call her, she just ignores it. THe best I have been able to do is to get her phone number and call her. I call her almost every day, because every day she comes home and turns up that nusic! She will turn it down some when I call, so that helps some. (Oh, yes, and I even bought acoustical rugs for her to put under her speakers. They didn't seem to do any good.)

    I would suggest that if your first note does not work, to keep at it. Write notes all the time. It takes some people a long time to get the message!

    Another thing I did was to buy ear plugs and those big sliencer headset that gunners use. Don't wear the silencer head set (don't know what it is called, but you buy them at cop shops or gun shops for about $30) not wear them too long at a time or you will develop a roaring in your ears that is hard to get rid of.

    When I get the money, I am going to invest in the ones by BOSE. I have heard they are the best.

    How I wish I could afford to move!!!! Good luck to you. I know how horrible this can be. It very nearly turned my life into a nightmare, but I cannot move. Someday I hope I can.

  8. ksp56

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    I have lived in several apartments, in my 49 years. Drove me nuts, even when I was younger.

    This isn't a solution, but one we resorted to in my early 20's....

    We lived on the second floor and had the best neighbors. A young woman moved in and her TV and stero were on LOUD, constantly. On a day I knew that the other two apartments were empty, I took our huge speakers, laid them on the floor, speaker side down, and ROCKED the place for several hours.

    It was pretty quiet after that.

    At another apartment, there were 2 guys in their late teens who worked evenings. As soon as they got home, up the stereo would go. After several complaints, and talking to them nicely, I got up after they had gone to sleep, put Ava Maria on, and played it as loud as I could. Over and over! It was a Christmas morning.

    As we walked out of the apartment they were hanging over their upstairs balcony, and I cheerily told them Merry Christmas! Cooled their jets some. I don't think Ava Maria was a favorite of theirs! LOL!

    I feel for you and am certainly not suggesting these methods! I hope there is some way you can find peace...