noisy work in apt above me

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    I have very messed up circadian rhythms, so lately I have not been falling asleep until around 5AM. Yesterday morning, I was woken up by something incredibly loud directly above my head shortly after 7AM. It went on until sometime around noon. This morning, at 8AM, I was again woken up by noise in the apt above me. This time it was drilling and hammering - much quieter than yesterday, but still very loud and not possible to sleep thru.

    Noise bothers me even if I am awake, but at least I can deal with it a little better then and/or possibly get away from it for awhile, if I am functioning well enough. However, I absolutely do not function in the morning, and esp not after so little sleep, so going somewhere else is not possible....and getting so rudely awoken does not help me to function better, to say the least! I have no idea what they have been doing, but I know that my previous neighbors moved out, so it is something to ready the apt for someone new (which is worrisome in itself, as new neighbors have the potential to be loud). Anyway, I am about to murder someone (no, not literally, I would never really do that).

    I cannot take another morning of this and not getting sleep is causing me to seriously crash. Going somewhere else temporarily is not really an option, either. I don't think I have any recourse, since I am renting, and it is the owner's prerogative to fix whatever, whenever, as far as I can tell. Oh, and earplugs, an air purifier fan, a regular fan, and a noisy air conditioner were not nearly enough to drown it out, either. (I can take white noise. In fact, it usually helps. So, if those were able to dampen the noise from upstairs, I could deal with it.) I'm not sure that anyone will be able to offer any suggestions or anything, but if so that would be great. If not, well, I at least appreciate being able to vent. I so badly want to move (for a lot of other reasons, too), but so far am not finding any way to do so - just cannot afford anything else.

    Hey, Steelecitydwelller, if you are reading this, I have not forgotten about talking to you further......was finally feeling a little better and started trying to get caught up on some things, and then this..... am hoping to try to connect in chat sometime soon, though
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    I am very sensitive to noise as well and we have new neighbours with 2 dogs which can tend to bark at any hour and are very loud. After we chatted to the owners at least they aren't barking at all hours of night and early morning now.

    Noise goes through me like electricity and is painful, especially when woken from sleep. It takes a while for my body to calm down, I have to breath through it like a woman in labour.

    I also use earplugs - and like you it doesn't help entirely. I do get out my relaxation CD and listen to that as I think the stress itself makes me angry. I also use affirmations plus prayer. It sure ain't easy and it is all hard work.

    Is there any way to contact the owner and find out when and how long the renovations will last? At least you will be forearmed in this case and may be in a better situation to negotiate the renovation work hours considering your bad state of health. Any decent owner would surely do the best they can accommodate your needs.

    Hopefully this gets sorted.

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    I have something called hyperacusis My ears were damagaed 7yrs ago and my hearing is very loud I have to wear ear plugs to leave my house.Im throwing out my 2nd tenant this yr and have decided to not rent to anyone because I cant take the noise.I remortgaged my house so I can make it without the rent money so I know how you feel good luck charlene
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    I appreciate the replies to this......I finally was able to sleep and slept 36 (yes you read that rt - 36 hrs) straight up, went to church, came home to a loud party in the clubhouse....this place is getting more and more noisy and I cannot take it.....noise and chemical odors (esp perfumes, even good smelling ones) are the two things that I just really cannot take....I am normally pretty tolerant of most things, but noise makes me almost wish I were a violent person - seriously I don't know what to do.....and no, the landlord is not going to be helpful in this situation, unfortunately....I have resorted to calling the police a few times before when the nighttime parties have been loud enough and late enough, but I can't call them for work being done and I can't call them every time there is a party (they are getting to be a very regular occurrence)...they are just going to start looking at me as the problem if I call as often as I want to
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    Unfortunately, sound sensitivity seems to be a huge part of this disease. I've had the sound problem since I was a teenager. And there are times I've had it so badly, that I wished I was deaf. I cannot take noise. I have to sleep with white noise on or I can't sleep at all. For some reason, the white noise really does help. I think because it creates almost an ocean sound and it drowns all other noise out.

    I have a friend with our illness who has actually been known to wear ear muffs in restaurants because she can't take the noise. And she was someone who wanted to become a musician and singer before getting sick. And now she can hardly ever listen to music unless it's on low.