Non Paralytic Polio

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    I posted a message yesterday and don't see it today! Was it inappropriate and not to be posted in this forum?? I've been dxd with non paralytic polio, as I had all the symtoms of full blown polio when I was 5 yrs. old. I'm a female, age 54 and in chronic hip pain in my 'longer' leg. It was explained to me that the 'longer' leg takes a beating from carrying most of my weight (no I'm not over weight). I've been on Vicodin and many NSAIDs for the past 18 yrs. Right now I take Vicodin HP, Vioxx, Osteo Biflex and Glucosamine Chondroitin. I'm still in pain, though not as bad as a few yrs. ago. I'm just wondering if ANYONE has been diagnosed with this or has even heard of it. Thanks in advance. Terr
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    I believe we have some people here with post Polio Syndrome which is in the same family as CFS and FMS. Is this what you suffer from?

    In any case, I'm glad you found us as it sounds as though your symptoms overlap with ours. Welcome.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks Kid, for showing me my error! I'm kinda a newbie at all this. Many thanks, Terr
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    Thank you Mikie for your warm welcome. I appreciate it so much! Yes, a lot of my symptoms overlap those of FMS & CFS. Chronic muscle pain in the lower part of my body, all of a sudden I'm having difficulty swallowing, severe rt. hip pain, also I'm being treated for depression. Hmmmm I wonder why??? There's so much information in this community and I feel grateful that I can get so much info here and share in and pray for others who are in the same kind of health issues as I am. Fondly, Terr
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    I have been Dx with CFS and FMS. I also had polio that was not permanently paralyzing as a child. I haven't been Dx with the PPSyndrome, but I suspect that it comes into play in my walking difficulties and fatigue.
    Nice to hear from you.
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    Hi Coyote! Thanks so much for replying so soon. You're the first person who has acknowledged having non paralytic polio. Misery loves company, eh? I can't even begin to imagine having CFS & FMS along with NPP! No one ever told me they understand nor heard of NPP before you. Let's keep in touch, as I know no one else with this rare form of polio, though it was mentioned in the first paragraph of this community. God bless, Terr
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    Hi Terr,, Boy am I glad to hear from you. I have PPS. I had Polio in my spine when I was 4. I am 59 now. I was not paralized than God but it left me with a lot of symptoms. The dr. said I would be tired all the time and have little strength and get nervous easily. Yep that is me. In my 20*s I got RA and Fibro. ( and everything that comes with it. ) I take Relefen for RA and Muscle relaxer and sleeping pill at night to sleep. Thanks so much for bringing this up. Now I feel like I am not alone. I love this board., In fact this is about the only thing I do on the computor. It has kept me away from the dr so much. I get more info here. Let*s stick togther and all of us help each other. It really comforts me. jennifer( really sherry
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    It's so good to hear from someone just about my own age!! I was beginning to think maybe the dr. who dx'd me was crazy when he told me I have NPP after effects! I practically live on pain killers and the above meds/minerals or whatever they are. The pain in my hip must wait till I'm 60 (!!!!!!!!!), until my bone doc will do hip replacement on me. Maybe I should seek a second opinion?? Huh?? I wish I could dance like this little guy to my left does! I barely made it through my son's wedding in '97 or my daughter's in '01 with just small heels on! And I used to LOVE to dance! But no more. Hurts too much. Thanks for responding to my post. We will stick together! Fondly, Terr
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    I would say, by all means, get a second opinion having a hip replacement, if that's what you want. I have heard the recovery is difficult, but people are usually happy with the results.
    There is a lot of information on post-polio syndrome on the web. Usually dr.s give me a blank stare when I mention it, so I don't anymore. There's enough going on to deal with besides that.
    I am 53, and when I was having much more difficulty walking up to the corner of the street than my 78 year old father, I knew something was out of whack in me. I got the FMS Dx soon after that.

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