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    Hey have any of yall hear of this liguid dietary supplement? A friend of my sisters got it for me - you take one oune in am and one in the pm------------let me know if you have--------------------thanks-----------------LOVE TO ALL -------LAURA---------OH--SORRY IM IN A COMPLETE FOG THTE NAME IS TAHITIAN NONI LIQUID DIETARY SUPPLEMENT--------THANKS YAL--------------LOVE TO ALL -------LAURR
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    I did take this for about three days, unfortunatly I have not seen any good effects as I had an allergic reaction to this and ended up at my doctor's office being treated for a drug reaction. Just wanted to put this in here as a reminder that even herbs are medications and we should all watch for warning signs of allergic reactions and also for drug interactions with medications we might be taking for other symptoms of fibro.

    I've was diagnosed in 1996 and have yet to find relief from this pain, depression, etc...

    soft fibro (((HUGS))) to all.
  4. GwenGlo

    GwenGlo New Member cousing who has had MS for 27 years is using it daily. She had severe bladder infections and on antibiotics constantly.

    Her urologist told her that the wall of her bladder is so thick that he will soon have to do surgery on it because it no longer emtied completely.

    Then she started with the noni juice.

    The next time she saw the urologist he couldn't believe the difference when he looked at the inside of her bladder and asked what she is doing. She told him about the juice.

    Then several months later, on her next appointmen he told her he is releasing her back to her family doctor as there is no longer any problem with her bladder.

    She said she will happily continue taking it.

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    Noni juice has been discussed a fair bit and, if you check out search you should be able to get some more information,
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    Yes, I took this stuff for 5 months. It did no good at all for me. Besides the fact that it costs as much as gold. The guy that sold it to me swore by it. As I had known him and his wife all my life I thought I had really hit on a good thing. Nope, did nothing at all for me. I might as well drink Kool-Aid. Much cheaper too. LOL
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    I tried the Tahitian Noni Juice for 3 months, even tried selling it. It did nothing for me. You have to give it 3 months to see if it works for you. It is expensive. I didn't have much luck selling it either. I still have 2 unopened bottles that I don't know what to do with. When you sell it you pay $30 a bottle for it. You're supposed to sell it for $45 a bottle.

    Good luck, it may work for you!
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    thanks to all who replied--------------------ive taken 3 nights-----no days-------maybe ill try and take it right------------------thanks again-----------------------------------laura
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    I took over 20 quarts about 2 to 4 oz. a day. It is very expensive. It did absolutely NOTHING except empty my wallet!