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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jasmine, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. Jasmine

    Jasmine New Member

    Hello! I am on my 17th day of taking Only Natural Noni Juice and so far I have felt no improvements or anything at all. I am impatiently awaiting delivery of my Coral Calcium as I'm very excited about this product. Also ordered some Nattozyme (Nattokinase) to try next month. I like to try one product at a time in case of side effects or improvements. Have A Good Day!

    Love, Jasmine
  2. allhart

    allhart New Member

    let us know how you are doing i want to know if either wrks
  3. Jasmine

    Jasmine New Member

    Hello Allhart,
    I will keep you updated on anything that helps me feel better or anything that doesn't work at all.

    Love, Jasmine
  4. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    I answered your post about three hours ago, and it must have vanished!

    Here goes again, I have been taking Noni for about 1 1/2 years now. It has helped awhole lot with the acid reflux, heartburn etc.

    I can't remember how long I first took it before I had results though, its been a longtime for this Fibromite to remember.

    I did stop taking it for about two weeks, and my stomach went right back like it was before! I was again living on oatmeal, light soup etc.

    I guess I am one that it helped. I buy it by the case now so that I don't run out of it.

    I know they make a lot of claims with Noni, but my main reason was digestion. I have been feeling very good, but I do take a lot of supplements, herbs, Noni, water and salt!

    So it would be hard for me to say it did or didn't help in general too.

    Shalom, Shirl

  5. Jasmine

    Jasmine New Member

    Hi Shirl,
    I'm glad the Noni Juice helped you with your digestion. I was inspired to take Noni Juice because you said it helped you with your IBS. My IBS sometimes seems to have a life of its own. I'm a bit discouraged with the Noni Juice but will not stop taking it til I've taken the whole bottle. Just got my coral calcium today but want to finish up with the noni before I start it. Hope you are enjoying your holidays!

    Love, Jasmine
  6. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Let me know how the Coral Calcium goes for you. I did buy it, and its sitting here, but I was waiting for someone to try it.

    I do worry about the IBS, acid reflux etc. with something new, so though I would wait untill others gave it a try with simular problems and see how they are doing with it.

    It is suppose to be easy to digest, but I don't know from experience, just what I read.

    I sure hope the Noni works out for you like it did for me, you are very right trying one thing at a time. Thats what I do.

    I have honestly been feeling so good that I am afraid to change anything I am doing, or add anything else right now!

    Take care, and do enjoy the holidays!

    Shalom, Shirl