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  1. shannonrn

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    Has anyone ever tried this for FM. I had a friend tell me about it. She said it's suppose to boost your immune system. The natives in the carribean are firm believers.
  2. kimsayer

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    I have used noni for years and it does help especially with IBS symptoms. I also use shark liver oil and germainum which have worked wonders I am almost pain free and I wish everyone who has FM could try these -

  3. megagrace2

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    A person at our church was just telling me about nonie juice not even an hour ago. I am ordering a bottle from a local person here. The person I spoke with had a breast removed about 6 weeks ago and had never bounced back, plus she is scheduled for chemo. She began to get energy after 2 days of taking it. I will keep you posted on my experience and how my friend does. I always beware of "miracle tonics", but I feel that I want to try this because I am DESPERATE at this stage of the game. Fibro ibs, allergies all hitting at the same time.

  4. shannonrn

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    I just got back from my local organic food store and I bought a bottle of this Noni juice for about $25.00 (It's a large bottle). After reading the replies I guess this could be a pyramid scheme. I just wanted to let everyone know that I bought it at a store and I will let you know if I get any results.
  5. danisue22

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    and then it made her very sick and had to stop so I'd say be careful.I did'nt get the impression anyone was trying to sell anything.Maybe I just missed it. Danisue
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  6. kerrymygirl

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    Yes, noni is sold alot through mlm. My friend is distributor. I also have another friends wife became very ill and eventially linked it to the Noni, she lost her kidney. No sillies, she is not out there looking for it, I know you may have thought that with our sticky pads and all. She had it removed. So buyer be ware.....
  7. Shirl

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    I have been taking Noni Juice for almost a year and a half. It has helped with the IBS tremendously. If it helped the Fibro, I really can't say, I only took it for the stomach problems.

    I take two tablespoons full before each meal. I had no side effects from it.

    Here is the brand I take; 'Only Natural', '100% Pure Polynesian NONI (Morinda Citrifolia)'. I order it by the case! It can be bought at better health food stores. But be sure you get the PURE JUICE with nothing else in it. I got one from GNC that was not worth a darn.

    It has a bad smell and a bad taste, so if you want mix it with a little juice, I use Welch's grape juice and it sort of kills the bad taste.

    I stopped taking it for two weeks just to see if it made a differnce, well believe me, I was more than glad to go back to it! Everything I ate made me sick, and the IBS came back with a vengence.

    There is one little paperback that is very good on Noni, its; 'Nature's Amazing Healer NONI' by Neil Solomon, MD.

    This doctor did research with the natives of the Pacific Islands on it, and was amazed at all that they have healed with it. Hope it helps you too.

    Shalom, Shirl

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  8. KarenL47520

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    was having a lot of foot problems and the chiropractor I worked for doing his insurance billing, he led me to believe it was a "cure all" for all types of body aches and pains. Anywho, I got a bottle for mom, paid $35.00 for it and took it her. She tried a little cup of it and I laughed till I nearly peed my pants. Mom was all over the kitchen, she grabbed the back of a chair and her eye rolled back in her head, I never saw my mother dance, but she danced that day. lol lol When she was able to speak, she said are you trying to kill me or what??!!??!! She handed me back the bottle and said thank you but no thank you. Hats off to anyone who can take it but that stuff would stun a buzzard in my opinion.