Nonnarcotic pain med?

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  1. gentlefibrohugs

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    Is there any non-narcotic pain medication that you take that would recommend? My rheumy seems to be very hesitant to put me on anything at all. Right now it's just ibuprofen, tylenol, and aleve (alternated). Thanks!
  2. gentlefibrohugs

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    Okay, if not then what about narcotic pain med? I've been on them all it seems, but my new rheumy just recommends tylenol and this is the worst flare I've had in YEARS! Any suggestions?
  3. RunninCrazy

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    I use Ultracet. It's non-narcotic and I find it to be much better than Vicodin. It's not as strong as Vicodin, but it's wonderful. I sleep better and the pain-killer part lasts longer than the sleepy part. It's great!

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    I have been on ultram ever since it came out. I have a concern with ultracet because it has a higher probabability that it could affect your liver. There are however some issues that may occurr with long term use of 1.)it can raise your liver enzymes and you should have that checked regularly. 2.) it can be addictive but that is nothing in comparision to narcotics 3.) can cause itching in the beginning. Based on everything I have taken and thought about taken it works the best for me with the least side effects. I highly recommend it. I gave me my life back. They are not exaclty sure how it works but one thing is that it acts like a mild narcotic but and also raises your seratonin levels which are natural pain killers. A+ in my book - tell your Doc you want to try it. If he can't even try it maybe you are seeing the wrong doc.

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    I have found if I take it too close to bed it will keep me awake. Also if I wake up in the middle of the night and take it I am usually up. Unless I just take on. It does not make me sleep at all. Has completely the oposite effect - Thanks, Bobby
  6. Hope4Sofia

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    I am very sensitive to most pain meds so have had some trouble finding one that fits with me.

    I am currently on Neurontin (Gabapentin) which is focused more on the nerve-based pain. It is generally used as an anti-seizure med. I have done much better on this med. It does cause dizziness and sleepiness at first but you adjust to it. It makes a big difference in my pain level but it doesn't take care of everything. It does have a side effect of weight gain - I have gained some but not much yet - I'm watching it closely.

    I have tried ultram (tramadol) because I was told it's side effects and hazards are much less than the heavier narcotics. If you tollerate it it might be a good option for you. It made me very nauseous and caused my mind to race but did relieve the pain. I opted not to take it because I was so sick.

    Recently, my doc wants me to try a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory as I have a high sed rate and a high CRP. It would probably help but I'm afraid to take it because of the warnings of heart attack or stroke. UGH! Everything that helps us also seems to kill us just a bit.

    Hope this is helpful,

  7. carebelle

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    I was put on Lodine 400mg every 6to8 hours last week and I had to beg my doctor to let me try something other then tylenol.
    Tylenol started makeing me sick a few years ago ,so I quit it.I take buffern.I was haveing a headace everyday all day ,but this has helped my headace's go away for the first time in about two years.
    I think it is also helping those achie flu like pains.But the pain still breaks thu about the 5th hour.But beleave me I have really lived with severe pain for a long time so this has been wonderful to fine some relief.
    Now I feel so dumb because I didn't beg along time ago.and this is a non-narcotic drug.
  8. Treca

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    and have had very good results. I am also taking the following: Tramadol& Baclofen to go with the Neurontin for pain and Lunesta for sleep.

    Sometimes I get sick because of the meds and if I do I take my Phenergan and it takes care of it in 15mins and I'm absolutely fine.

    The Neurontin did make me dizzy and loop the first day I was on it, but after that day I was fine and haven't had any side effects so far. I do have little headaches every know and then and I know it's the Neurontin, but I'm willing to deal with them since I've had such good things happen while taking it.

    I'm sure there are a lot of members with other options. I just hope you can find one thats right for you.

    I also agree that if your doctor is not willing to try different things that could possibly help with your pain and other symptoms that go along with this DD then you should find another doctor. No one deserves to be in pain if they can take or do something to help easy it.

    I hope you can find the right path for you as everyone is different.

    Good Luck to you! :)
  9. tngirl

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    Ultram (generic is tramadol) and ultracet are both nonnarcotic. Ultram tends to give me a headache so I take one tylenol with it. My dosage calls for 1 or 2 every 4-6 hours.

    I also take Lortab, I can take three of those daily if I need it. I don't always have to take that many.

    The doctor said I can take the ultram and the lortab together or between lortab doses if needed. Sometimes the lortab upsets my stomach and I take a non drowsy dramamine to courteract the nausea.

  10. gentlefibrohugs

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    Yep, this dr (rheumy) seems to be very funny about prescribing anything. Her advice to me was exercise, stretching and meditation. [This Message was Edited on 05/17/2006]
  11. gentlefibrohugs

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    I tried neurontin and pamlor and it made me feel like a truck hit me. Tried ultram several years ago, didn't work at the time. Have been on lortab, darvocet, you name it. I had to go back to the rheumy that diagnosed me years ago and I remember now why I didn't like her, she doesn't believe in ANY medicine at all. NOTHING. No anti-depressants, no anti-inflammatories, nothing. Right now, I'm ready to try anything.
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  12. tngirl

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    I was always kind of anti meds. I hated taking anything. I would wait as long as I could, take a pain med and it didn't seem to help or it barely helped the pain.

    The doctor talked me into taking them more regularly so the pain doesn't build up like that. Amazingly it works! I still have times that I hate taking it but I've finally accepted that I have to.
  13. Berneses

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    I just got diagnosed today! I also have Celiac's wwhich is an auto-immune gluten intolerance. I saw a physiatrist and he gave me Skelaxin wwhich is a muscle relaxer. I took one around 1 and I feel so much better. It's non-narcotic and it might make you a little sleepy.

    I had also previously been prescribed relafen (anti-inflammatory) but I'm holding off on that because of my stomach.
  14. mildred623

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    The non-narcotic ones I have tried do nothing for me. (I have an extremely high tolerance to meds) It takes quite a bit for me to feel anything. But as for narcotic pain meds, one of the best ones I was on was Methadone, 20 mg. 3 times a day. Then twice a day in between the Methadone I could take a Vicadon. I felt better than I had in years. Too bad I no longer see that doc and my doc now wont RX Methadone. He does RX Vicadon though. I take 2 of those 3-4 times a day(I'm allowed up to 8 a day). It helps for the most part but I think the Methadone/Vicadon combination worked better.
    I hope you have some luck in finding relief.
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  15. elliespad

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    For pain I use DL-Phenylalanine, an Amino Acid. It is available in any health food store for less than $10. It is all I use to control level 8-9 pain. Brings it down to 4-5.