Nordic Naturals fish oil. Any brand as good, but cheaper?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hubcap_halo, Oct 9, 2009.

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    One thing many of the doctor's I've seen have agreed upon is
    that Nordic Naturals is the best fish oil. 3rd party tested, showing no
    detectable levels of heavy metals, dioxins and PCBs.

    I'm cautious about oils because they can also just rancid.

    Anybody know of any fish oils out there as good as Nordic Naturals but

    The Environmental Defense Fund published a survey, but it's pretty general. They mostly were just judging fish oil supps by purity---least metals, pcbs.
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  2. SnooZQ

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    I like NN & use it almost exclusively. There are places where it's more expensive, places where it's less. Watch for sales. The oil in bottles is less expensive than the caps, but not all of their products are available in liquid form. Last I checked, ordering multiple bottles direct from NN gave a good price break.

    Carlson's is another good brand & I think their testing is comparable. They are competitive w/NN on price.

    There may be other great brands out there, but I have trouble with brands I've tried from Walmart & grocery stores. I think for me, the solvent-processed oils (vs. molecular distilled like NN) are a problem.

    I've had even NN be rancid when it sits in a UPS truck during hot weather.

    Best wishes.
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    I feel comfortable posting this, because it is on the public (not signed in) site, and it may be of value to you:
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    Thank you both....

    The Cheney post was interesting. Oi, the man is intelligent. Next time I'll read him in the morning when I'm not tired. I'm taking a lot of flax oil and perhaps that can replace some of the fish oils my doctor said were so essential.

    The CFS argument of what's best, what's worst, what's helpful, what's not is at least never boring.

  5. hubcap_halo

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    I like the product you describe in the first paragraph. But I'm going to check them all out.
    Thank you everyone for replying.

    My doctor said 3000mg a day was enough. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we had a scientific way to know what's best with supplements. I try to not introduce more than one at a time so I can track changes, but my changes are always so gradual that it's hard to tell.

  6. hubcap_halo

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    These fish oils were graded on purity (no mercury, dioxins, metals, PCBs). But they don't go much further. There are "best" "worst" and "incomplete" categories. I don't know if this is enough info to make a decision.

    I'm finding that the best fish oils basically come out to about the same in price (High!) and I'll continue my search for less expensive ones that are still of the highest quality.

    For example Now Brand rated high in this survey, but I'm not sure if they're quality is the same as, say, Nordic Naturals in other regards.

    PS I just checked on Carlsons' which was recommended by another poster---and they are way cheaper than NN, at least on vitacost.
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