Normal from treatment?

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    Hi All,
    I increased my salt to 15 grams daily over the past ten days, got through the initial herx and began seeing worms in my stool. Two things have me perplexed though...

    Are bullseye rashes typical to see during treatment? I've had several pop up and fade within a day. One on my nose has an exit wound where I'm assuming a critter found it's way out.

    Secondly and concerning to me, are small red threads in my stool. They are no longer than an 1/8th of an inch and most are smaller than that. They look like they have the consistency of plastic, not like blood. I'm wondering if this is a critter others have excreted during treatments or if it could be cilia or some other part of me? The number of them coming out has been increasing.

    Any feedback on either appreciated.

    Jason R

    Background: New to board. Borreliosis 14 years, just verified 3 months ago. Past 2 years, 30+ cycles of abx, never saw progress. Gave up on doctors as they've only made me sicker, treating myself and doing better. Doing salt/c, lysine and GD-MCB protocol.
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    It is normal to see rashes that can look like bullseye rashes or many other kinds of rashes.

    It is a good idea to take pictures of your rashes with your face and dated newspaper in the picture, to keep in your file.

    I'm sorry that I can't really help you with the other issues.

    I'm sorry to hear that you have had lots of antibiotics without any improvement. As you probably know there are many possible reasons for undiagnosed/untreated coinfection, yeast, not the right combinations of meds, need to address hormonal issues, etc.

    Unfortunately this board is not real active.

    My best advice would be to go to on flash on the Medical Questions board....sign up for free like you did here.....then post a new topic.

    There are many people on that board who are experienced and intelligent. Some of them use alternative treatments.

    You can probably get some opinions/help there. My screen name on is Dekrator48.

    I had a fibromyalgia diagnosis for 21 years. I got a lyme diagnosis in Feb 2009. I have only been treating for 10 weeks.

    Good luck to you!!!
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    Please keep us posted on your vitamin C/ salt protocol. I know many who have done years of antibiotics with no success. (I also know some have great success with antibiotics...) There are so many protocols and people are spending thousands. It would be nice if something simple and affordable to all would work!

    I have read that the Vit C/ salt protocol is just a big hoax but it would sure be nice if it wasnt.
    When I was being treated with the Lyme antibiotic protocol, I was told that as it was dying off, I might develop rashes. I never did, but it is a good sign if you do.

    Good luck!