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    My daughter had contracted an awful virus and has been sick for 3 years. Of course we have gone to several doctors and specialists looking for a "cure". Now because she has been ill for so long she has been diagnosised with FM/chronic pain syndrome. Through our journeys we have had a number of wacky things said to us but our favorite came from a doctor of infectious diseases. He first told us that our daughter was doing this to herself. Then he said we have a normal healthy 18 year old. Then he said she had a spleen the size of Texas. So why would a normal healthy 18 year old have a spleen the size of Texas and how exactly did she do that to herself? He didn't even order an screening of this Texas sized spleen. Needless to say we looked else where for help.
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    Olive Leaf Extract to kill off the virus. The spleen is often enlarged in viral infections,

    My daughter was very ill too, and is now a whole lot better. Read my bio by clicking on my name.
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