Northern California CFS/FM doctors?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by CAmom, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. CAmom

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    Hi there, I am near Chico, CA and lost my Roseville, CA doctor due to an injury he suffered. Now after 15 years I am having to look for a new doctor. Does anyone know where I can find listings of local doctors? It's so hard explaining to regular doctors what CFS/FM is let alone to hope for them to actually have some current knowledge on this illness.
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    If you will look at the top of the page here... you will see in the purple color.. "DOCTOR REFERRAL". Click that on and go through the steps... you just might find a doctor that fits your needs there.

    Also, there are other FM support groups on the internet... you might check in with them and look for doctor referrals. Also, do a google search for fm doctors in your area.

    Hope this helps and I hope you find a good doctor soon.

    Blessings... CarolK
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    Have you looked into going to Dr. Michael Powell? He's wonderful!

    He is a FM specialist (and treats CFS also) in Sacramento. His clinic is the Fibromyalgia Treatment and Learning Center.

    Here is his web site with contact info:

    I have been going to him and have seen good improvement. If you do a search on this board for "Dr. Powell" or look back through my posts, you can read about my treatment and progress.

    Best wishes!
  4. Wasabi

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    bumping for CAMom
  5. cerise

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    I live in Oregon but moved here from Sacramento in 1999. My treating physician for CFS was Dr. Herman in Roseville, but have a feeling that is who you are talking about that suffered an injury.

    Dr. Herman was great, except SSA hates him and won't accept any of his dx or tx thus I have been denied SSDI for the past 10 years (still fighting).

    There's another doctor I saw initially who's very good in Carmichael. She may have moved over to Fair Oaks.
    Her name is Dr. Elizabeth Kailath. You will probably need a PCP referral for Dr. Kailath. Her speciality is Infectious Diseases and Internal Medicine, but she first diagnosed me clear back in 1990. The last time I saw her was in 1995.

    There's also another specialist in Carmichael who was one of the leading researchers on CFS dating back to 1975 who still practices in Carmichael. I just forgot his name. I never went to him. I know he's mentioned in Hillary Johnson's book Osler's Web if that's any help!

    Also Dr. Peterson in Incline Village (North Shore Lake Tahoe) is still treating patients I believe. He and Dr. Cheney were the ones who brought in the CDC for the Lake Tahoe outbreak in 1986.

    Good Luck -- keep us posted.

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