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  1. flame

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    Does any one have a good doctor in the Sacramento area? I'm having a hard time trying to locate one. Would really appreciate some leads.
  2. griswoldgirl

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  3. gardengrow

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    Just click on Doctor referral at the top of the screen on the homepage and then click on Co-cure's good doctor list. I believe I saw a few for your area. I'm in So. Cal and theres not much to pick from. Good Luck

  4. nancyann14

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    I know of no doc in Sacramento who is able to treat us. There may be some but haven't found one in 12 years of looking. I do, however, see Daniel Peterson MD in Incline Village, Nevada who is outstanding and well known in the U.S. This is a two hour drive from Sacramento and worth the trip for me.
    If you find a Sacramento doctor who is good I'd appreciate the info as so many pts. are looking.
    Good luck, nancyann