nortriplytline HCL

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  1. karkel

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    anybody try this for FM ? Results ? Side effects ? Weight Gain or loss ?
  2. heapsreal

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    Im interested too, especially if it helps for sleep.

  3. hi all,
    i have been taking nortriptyline (allegron) 25 and a half tablets at night.for nearly two years now.and can report that i didnt get any weight gain or loss with this tablet.

    i did get like a nettle rash on my skin in the first few months of taking it,but this did settle down in wasnt a all over body rash thankfully.i get a dry mouth,but chew gum to help with that problem.

    this tablet has been a godsend to me,as it eased the muscle spasms food now doesnt pass too quickly through my body,and i can get energy from the food now.

    it also greatly eased the horrible panic attacks,and also eased the stomach muscle spasms, which is fantastic news for me.

    during my later years of having fibro,i have developed hay fever,and asthma.i was losing weight through losing too much fluid from my body.the stress of this was getting awefull for me.nortriptyline eases that stress.

    i am taking fexofenadine HCL 120 mg tablet at night.this is helping with the allergies from food and the hay fever.

    i did put a bit of weight on when i,d been on these allergy tablets, for a few months.but it was a godsend to me,as i was becoming extremely thin ,before the tablet.

    i,d imagine that was because of the fluid loss, due to my body trying to get rid of the allergens.

    these two meds are making my health problems bareable thank goodness,and i can report that im not having any bad side affects.

    my health as regards the fibro and depression were very poor before taking these i am gratefull for their help.

    take care,fran.
  4. IanH

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    I took nortryptiline. Unfortunately it was intended as an alternative to amitryptiline to which I was reacting after 6 years of taking it. The nortryptiline did nothing for me but I know it is the better drug (weaker but much less side effects). If I was to choose now I would go for nortryptiline because I am not as bad as I was then. If strong pain is the dominant symptom then nortryptiline may not be what you want but if your main symptoms are fatigue and "dysautonomia" then nortryptiline might do a good job. Worth trying because it is easy to withdraw from. It is also good to help sleep and interestingly can reduce symptoms of hay fever because it has some anti-histaminergic effects, amitryptiline is even better but more side effects like weight gain, cognitive impairment, blurry vision etc.
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