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  1. lin21

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    Hi Everyone,

    I am fairly new here and I'm wondering is anyone taking Nortriptylin? My neurologist first gave me Neurontin and I did not like the way it made me feel. Shortly after , the rheumie gave me this (10mg) which I take two before bed and it seemed to be helping.
    We are having snow here today and last night and since Saturday I've been in severe pain again.
    Although I've been experiencing some relief with the use of this drug , I still have some pain and numbness in my whole right side on a daily basis.

    Thank you!!!
  2. marcus1243

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    Nortriptylin is one of a family of antidepressant drugs called the tricyclics. When prescribed in small doses (as yours is) it acts as an aid to sleep, as well as reducing neurological pain. The tricyclics all work with varying efficiency in different people -- if you don't feel that it's helping much, you could try another, like amitriptyline (elavil), or you could up the dosage (as long as you build up slowly). You should note however that neither of these will eliminate the pain, just take the edge off of it. The tricyclics are generally safe, well-tolerated drugs, and are ok to use long term if necessary.
    Hope that helps..
    PS -- Neurontin will be more effective in reducing the numbness than nortriptyline, but there are more side effects and it's generally less well tolerated.
  3. lin21

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    Hi Marcus---

    Thanks so much for this information, I have a Dr.'s appointment soon and this information has been very helpful.
    If it is supposed to help with sleep, it's not working.
    Although in the beginning (12/5) it seemed to help, lately my sleep deprivation has worsened. I tend to be staying up later and later, which is not good for the muscles.

    Thanks again,
  4. VickyB

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    I have used most of the tricycle antidepressants and they do help with the pain most of time, but I cannot take them because I cannot function during the day from the fatigue. So consider yourself lucky that you do not have any side effects from the Nortriptyline. I had to quit using it and the pain is so bad!! Maybe a higher dose would be good for you when you have a pain flare.
    Good luck, Sleeper01
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    Hi. I've been taking Nortriptylin since June & have had minimal positive results, but lots of serious constipation & a constant bad taste & dry mouth. (It's 3:15am & I'm still wide awake...)

    Today I saw a sleep doc & she's pulling me from the nortriptylin (reducing from my 3 25 mgs daily down to 2, then 1 over next 10 days) in favor of ambien.

    I'm to do a sleep clinic sleep over next Friday. I doubt I have sleep apnea, but she wants to rule it & other things out before we go any further.

    best thoughts,