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  1. NewEnglander

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    just wondering if anyone has had any luck with these medications.
    I did look them up on the board but would like more info on it

    I'm in a lot of pain at night and have been taking the Soma, but my pain doctors feels these medications might be a better choice.

  2. LoriR

    LoriR New Member

    I took balcofen it helped some with spasms,
  3. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    ask you Dr about flexeril.....given the choice between baclofen and flexeril, I would definitely go with flexeril

    they are the same type of drug (muscle relaxant), and, for me at least, flexeril is one of the very few drugs I can actually tolerate - I take half of a pill and it makes me somewhat sleepy, but it helps when I am in a ton of pain and nothing else is working, baclofen didn't help me much at all, but did make me feel sick and weird

    I am not sure why he would want you to take methocarbamol AND baclofen, though, since both are muscle relaxants....usually you do not double up on those[This Message was Edited on 10/15/2009]
  4. nah.stacey

    nah.stacey Member

    Methocarbamol is the generic name for Robaxin and it certainly is a muscle relaxant.
    I had run the gammut of all other muscle relaxants the didn't work. My Dr. said this one was very strong and it is. At this point in time I take 2 - 3 tblts depending on how bad the pain is. I use it mostly for my back and abdominals, They work very well for me.

    Baclofen - My CP son had a Baclofen pump put in his body, and it really does work well for the muscle spacity, tightness and jerky movements.

    Flexeril, to me is like an every day muscle relaxant, so super powers just sure and steady.

    These I speak from long years of expreience. I just dont' recommend have a baclofen pump put in your body unless your muscles are cramping to spacity and extreme jerkiness. My little boys got infected where the tube goes into the spinal column and ended up with three seperate staff infections, I was pretty sure I lost him at that point but bless his soul,he hung in for three more months.


    [This Message was Edited on 10/16/2009]
  5. daylight

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    Allergic to nortryptiline.Flexiral is wonderful but make me to sleepy. Great though if you take it a night only. I've been taking baclofin for years and love it for spasms. But draw the line at getting a baclofin pump inplant. Scary stuff but the doctors want me to do it . But thats not going to happen. well at least not now =) I take 80mg or more of baclofin almost daily.

    Now this drug does have some serious side effects. The muscle weakness, fatigue ,stomach upset can get very bad. But its a trade off.

    Tried Robaxin for a while and it didn't help. [This Message was Edited on 10/16/2009]
  6. karynwolfe

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    I'm not sure what Nortrip...however you spell it, is *lol*

    Methocarbamol seems to be a hit or miss medication. Either it works, or doesn't do much. It's a derivative of guaifenesin, a central nervous system depressant, and for me, guaifenesin itself (think Robitussin!) works pretty well for my muscle soreness. So of course methocarbamol works pretty well. Also, it's not new. It even used to be available over the counter (I think it still is in some countries?) so it's not prone to horrendous side effects.

    Baclofen works wonders for muscle spasms, and what I love about it in my case is that it doesn't put me to sleep, like some other medications do. If your pain at night (or during the day) is related to tightness, spasms, jerking, or things like that, I would recommend it. It's another med that isn't new and still has its benefits even after taking it for years. For this one, you have to watch the side effects a bit more, but like another person said, it can work so well that it's completely worth it.

    Having M.E., I have a crazy medication sensitivity, so even a fraction of flexeril knocks me out for over 24 hours. Therefore, I really can't comment on that one. It's a common prescribed med for fibromyalgia, though.

    Hope this helps =)

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