Norweigen patient group survey on CBT/GET, Pacing, etc

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    (From Co-Cure, in PubMed)

    RES: Patients' experience with treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome- (Incl. Norweigen patient group survey on CBT/GET)

    [Patients' experience with treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome.]
    [Article in Norwegian]
    *Bjørkum T*
    *Wang CE*,
    *Waterloo K*. Sogndal BUP Postboks 184 6851 Sogndal.

    BACKGROUND: Chronic fatigue syndrome is a highly debated condition. Little
    is known about causes and treatment. Patients" experience is important in
    this context.

    MATERIAL AND METHODS:828 persons with chronic fatigue syndrome
    (ICD-10 code: G93.3) were included in the study. They were recruited through
    two Norwegian patient organizations (ME-association and MENiN). The
    participants filled in a questionnaire on their experience with various
    approaches to alleviate their condition.

    RESULTS: Pacing was evaluated as
    useful by 96% of the participants, rest by 97%, and 96% of the participants
    considered complete shielding and quietness to be useful. 57% of the
    participants who had received help to identify and challenge negative
    thought patterns regarded this useful. 79% of the participants with
    experience from graded training regarded this to worsen their health status.
    Overall, the results were similar, irrelevant of the severity of the

    INTERPRETATION:Most participants in this study evaluated pacing,
    rest and complete shielding and quietness to be useful. The experience of
    the participants indicate that cognitive behaviour therapy can be useful for
    some patients, but that graded training may cause deterioration of the
    condition in many patients. The results must, however, be interpreted with
    care, as the participants are not a representative sample, and we do not
    know the specific content of the approaches.
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