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    i wanted to tell you all a weird thing that happened to my husband before labor day he yanked out a nose hair yuck lol.well it got infected. he went to urgent care they said sinus infectio then to ER they said same. gave antibiotics

    no improvement goes to ERT DR swabs with qtip more antibiotics keeps going back now his nose is so big its unbelieveable. thinks its MRSA goes to another ERT DR she take needle up in there draws out 2 needles full of pus srry.

    anyway he had mri had to have surgery. she said could have gone to brain or heart plus destroy all cartilage and hed have boxers nose.this has been 5 was staph infection
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    I had heard hairs in your nose stopped a lot of infection from entering in, but had no idea pulling one out could cause that kind of serious trouble.

    Thank you for sharing this with us, I will be SURE not to pull out a hair from my nose ever again. If I get one that is visible, I usually cut it off, but have pulled one out on occasion, won't ever do so again!

    I have heard of people lately getting staph infections from all kinds of simple things, but this is the first time I have heard this one.

    My daughter's hair dresser had a simple bit on his navel, scratched it, and it got terribly infected, turned out to be a staph infection that caused him no end of trouble. He spent time in the hospital, I think he had to be operated on for it too.

    Tell your husband to take care, and I will surely pray for him, if you both don't mind. That sounds so terrible!

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Well, there's a scary story! Sometimes you read stories about how
    tough and resilient people are, and other times we seem frail as dandelion

    I didn't know staph was floating around. Thought you just bumped into
    it in hospitals.

    How is hubby now? All recovered?


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    hes still in pain tomorrow they take the tubes out. hes not a complainer so its been hard seeing him in pain. thx for replying love gail
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    That is quite the story.....and one we wouldn't think about happening! I really need to tell my hubby this. He trims his, as far as I know doesn't ever pull them, but maybe I just don't know.

    I feel so sorry for your hubby. That had to be so miserable! It's amazing that the docs didn't figure out something before it got so out of hand, poor guy. Hope his recovery goes well now. Staph is one nasty infection......................Jole
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    Thanks for the warning.