nose sore.any help

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  1. sixtyslady

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    has anyone had a sore inside their nose that bleeds, and what can you do for it.
    I have no idea what to put on it. but I"m sure there must be something that would help. thanks sixtyslady
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  3. connieaag

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    I get those and the ENT said to but mycotracin or some sort of triple antibiotic ointment on it.

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    its for my son, and I'll bet thats whats wrong he blows is nose like a moose,I"ve told him not to blow his nose like that.
    now he,s got a sore in there that bleeds. of course he doesn"t want to put anything on their such big babies.
    2yrs ago he had a ear infection from swimming,once again I told him to stop diving so much,he ended up in the E.R.
    and it cost him a bundle not to mention the pain.
    ya know big kids are harder to take care of than little ones. sixtyslady
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    I had sores in my nose that bled The Dr recommended Surgilube you can get it over the counter at your local drug store The Dr also tested me for Sjrogens Syndrome a dry nose/mouth syndrome that sometimes goes along with RA Hope the surgilube helps you
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    I use a little antibiotic ointment daubed on a q-tip. Works great.
  7. joyfully

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    A couple causes that I have.
    1. Allergies and blowing my nose alot.
    2. Using Flonase
    3. I got a strep infection from the oxygen tuby thing when I had surgery.

    I've had nosebleeds from all three of these causes.
  8. findmind

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    Well, I've had a sore with scab in left nostril for about 2 years. It won't heal.

    Am going to ENT Dec. 19th. I've read about EBV causing nose and throat cancer, and any sore that doesn't heal needs to be checked out, in my book!

    This is a single sore; not broken blood vessels from hard blowing, so it may be a little different.

    Hope your son heeds your warning, but sometimes its "live and learn", right?