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    I can't seem to feel awake until 2:00 - 4:00 PM It has been suggested,,, that "IF" I just quit takeing a nap,
    that I might be able to get up earlier...Some think its my medication...but if I don't take my 1 mg of Klonipen,,,I would be up all nite!!!!!

    I have Fibro, and many of the other medical problems that goes with fibro, RLS,IBS, SEVER MIGRAINES,Buldging Disk at L-4 & L-5

    Would you share how mornings affect you, how you feel until ?? time of day.? MOST days its an effort just to shower & get dressed,until late afternoon.

    I even try to make all of my doctor appointments in the PM.
    I APPREICATE YOUR INPUT, So that I can help my family & friends to understand. I did print the good poll on Fatigue, I too "MUST LAY DOWN WHEN THE FATIGUE HITS"

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  2. fibrojewel

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    for me to get "going" in the mornings, untill about 12:00 or so. I have to take my pain meds, every 6 hours, and my skelaxin 3 x aday to be able to function.

    I use to have to take naps. Hey, everyone just had to adjust. I got so tired of being tired, I talked my PCP into letting me try cytomel (25 mcg) it's for Thyroid, and targets the T3 (energy) part of metabolisim! I've been on it for about three weeks now, and I have had more energy. This has helped. But I still don't "feel myself" untill about 12-1 PM. I also am a night owl.

  3. tansy

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    Before CFS/FM I was fine in the morning now it's the opposite.

    I tried everything to adjust my body but to little avail. Really bad reaction to heat this year brought it all to a head. Could not get blood sugar levels up or body hydrated until about 4.00pm even though doing all the right things.

    I had 24 hour dhea and cortisol tests done. Low at 8.00 am and noon, getting better by 4.00 much better by midnight. Madwolf recommended cortisol am and noon, and I'm considering 7 keto dhea am as well. Now all I need is for my GP to agree to prescribing cortisol.

    Sure you will find lots more with this problem.There was a similar post a while back and lots said they were night people too.

    Incidently I find it easier accepting this and living my days/nights accordingly. Hoping meds might change this so that I can function earlier in the day.


  4. klutzo

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    My sleep test showed I am an honest to God night owl and will never get to sleep before 2 am without drugs. I don't get up until 9:30 most mornings.
    Low cortisol in the morning and high cortisol in the evening is often the culprit for us in causing this.
    Some correct this by taking low dose Cortef in the morning if they can get a doc to prescribe it. Most won't.
    Others go for Neurobiofeedback therapy to re-train their brains to switch the night and day brain waves back to normal. If they can afford this. Most can't.
    I have the best luck with taking my sleep meds 2 hrs. before the time I want to go to sleep. That way they are peaking at the time I want to sleep. It helps, but if I do fall asleep early, I usually end up awake for 2-3 hrs. from 3 am on, so the result is the same in the end.
    Sorry am not more help,
  5. Lasso

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    before I got CFS, morning was my time. Up with the sun - or often before it,start cleaning around the house, getting ready for work, ect. By time 10 AM rolled around, the best part of the day was over(for me). Now,...ugh, I MAY wake up about 6 or 7 AM and drag myself out of bed about 9 or 10 am. But I seldom have any strength to do anything but lay around before 1 or so. Try going to Sunday Morning Services feeling like that! Of everything CFS had robbed from me - my mornings is one of the most greatly missed.:(
  6. 99

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    ...it's slow to get going, like about two hours. I have 2 T-shirts that say,


    I do not have trouble going to sleep. I just can't stay asleep... pain, trips to bathroom, etc. I feel better since taking Ambien at night, but still, I get exhausted so easily, with minimal activity or even sitting at the computer, that by the time I finish a.m. coffee, I feel like I want a nap. So, I'm at my "best" for a very short time. If I go out for an hour or two, I'm ready (and have to) take a nap. In fact, I pretty much take naps every afternoon. This is not from medication. It's the FM.

  7. MissRachel

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    Hi Ladybug2, I was never a morning person until last year when I went back to school. Even then I was hard to get up. I usually missed my first a.m. class. Now that fall is coming up and I'm going back for my final year i'll have to get up early agan. That's no problem I get up aroun 6-7 a.m. every morning. It's the 10-11 a.m. nap that I am going to miss oh so much. I have been trying to stick to a sleep schedule no mater how badly I slept the night before.

    Everyone is different and when my insomnia gets relly bad I need to sleep PERIOD. If I sleep in because I was up all night, in pain and unable to sleep my husband knows that it is because of this DD and he respects thats. What ever it takes to help us feel a little better should not be judged by others.

    I hope your family will understand that it is the FM that is cuasing this and not because you are lazy.

  8. libra55

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    I'm definitely still a morning person even after dx with fibro 3 yrs. ago. I can't say I have too many great days, but the morning is definitely my best time. I crash around 1 pm and must take a nap. So I have learned to work around this. If there is anything that must get done, especially physical work, it is done in the morning, before I run out of steam. I have a couple hours downtime before kids come home, need rides, etc. Any "brain work" I try to do in the early evening when my body's pooped and in pain but my brain is still reasonably connected. This has worked for me, some days better than others, not a perfect system but I go one day at a time. libra55
  9. CATLADY912

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    I have never been a morning person though I do like mornings its just that I always had more energy at night. Even when I started to work at 19 years old I had a hard time getting up. Night time has always been my time of day.Even with the fibro I'm still a night person but I can stay up latter sometimes if I can't sleep but now I do wake up earlier around 8:30am or so. If I stay up now at that time I will be ok now but still am a night person. And takes too long to get going in the morning. Janice
  10. teach6

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    Like Klutzo mentioned I have low AM and midnight cortisol. This means my circadian rhythms (body clock) are all messed up. I am on low dose Cortef, but if I were left to my choosing I would be up until 2 or 3 AM every night.

    I aim for being in bed by 1 and even earlier if I have an early appointment. I try to schedule my appointment for 11 AM or later, but it doesn't always work out.

  11. lone-wolf

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    I get up about 9:00 or later and it takes me until at least noon to get dressed and that is on a good day. I go from the bed to the couch. I have never been a morning person. My mother use to say that even when I was a baby I had my days and nights mixed up... wanted to sleep all day and stay up all night.

    I have not been able to sleep for years with out the aid of some kind of sleep med. Everyday is a battle with the fatigue..... can't stay awake but can't sleep either. Use to be able to sleep during the day. If I have any energy to do anything it is between noon and six pm. When I am able to do something, I do a little and have to lay on the couch or sit and rest and 'regroup'. Seems about four to six is the best... use to be four till about 1:00 am, but that was years ago, in my twenties, now 51.

    I make all my appointments for the afternoons.... I basically don't exist in the mornings. I have learned not to work against how I am. Others just have to deal with it. It is the best I can do. If I push myself to please others I am the one that suffers and gets to pick up the pieces. It is hard for others to understand sometimes, but like I said, it is the best I can do.... I think we always do the best we can however little or much that may be.... if I had a broken leg I wouldn't be expected to get up and dance, just because they can't see our disability doesn't make it any less dis-able-ing.

    Smiles, Karen
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  12. Plantscaper

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    It seems that it takes several hours after I get up for my brain to be awake..usually get up around nine A.M., but my most productive hours are after twelve P.M. till l0 P.M...much more alive in the evening hours..I exercise about nine..and can sleep better after that..definitely not a morning person..


  13. shazz

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    But in my pre fibro working years, I forced myself to conform to that schedule and did OK at it.
    I am by nature a night owl, and married one too. All four of our kids take after us too. Now three of our four parents are definately morning people. The only exception to that rule was my hubby's Mom. She was a night owl party person. As were both of my grandfathers, several of my aunts and uncles and one grandmother. I think heredity has something to do with it. Now that I am not working anymore, I stay up late, and now that I am sleeping again with the help of some meds, I sleep late as well.
  14. lot57

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    have been that way most of my 46 years, long before this FMS set in. so i really dont think i could relate it to this illness.
    it made it kind of hard to get through school , but i made it by the 'skin of my teeth'.
    most of the time i take the swing shift jobs. when i have had to take a day job i allways got very burned out and then got into a flare.
    luckily in my line of work *nursing assistant* there are plenty of oppourtunities for evenings. nobody seems to want that spot.
    i get my best (chance) for sleep from around midnight
    to eight am.
    luckily this doesnt cause conflict in my family life , my hubby is an evening guy as well, and the kiddos are grown and out on their own.
    like some of the others here it does take a while for me to get functioning after waking... usually an hour or two.
    my son has allways been a late person too , we ended up pulling him out and home schooling him.
    maybe this is genetic in some of us ?

  15. klutzo

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    I just read an article recently saying they have proven that 70% of people can change around their sleeping and waking to suit their choice of lifestyle and job.
    The other 30% can't do that and be healthy.
    20% are night owls and 10% are larks.
    My husband is a lark. He actually bounces out of bed at 5:30 am and sings! I'd hit him over the head, if I could wake up enough to do it!
    What ticks me off, as a night owl, is that 90% of us are not larks, yet our whole society is set up for the convenience of the larks! I ask you, is this fair?
    I became an owl at puberty and started having an awful time getting up for school. I only felt good in college when I never took a class before 11 am, but was in class until 10:30 pm each night, and when I worked second shift in a hospital. All other day time jobs required me to drink lots of coffee, and I never really felt well. I do feel this contibuted to getting fibro. The head of the sleep disorders clinic where I had my test done, told me most fibro people he tests are owls and that he advises them to work second shift for their health.
  16. Mar19

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    MORNING PERSON?!?!?!??? Well, actually I AM a morning person....it's just that I was born in the wrong time zone!!

    The only time I regularly got up in the morning was when my kids were babies...didn't have a choice in it then. Now I consider 10am the crack of dawn. It takes me hours to get going once I'm up too.

    As for doc appointments and such, always has to be afternoons. Actually, maybe I should go in the am...then the doc would get to meet the "real me" LOL

    Love and blessings
  17. insomniac1

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    Hi for as long as i can remember i have always been a night owl. i just started a full time job last week so i am praying i can do this. i am 36 now and i was haveing these symptoms since about age 12 or 14 . i dont sleep at night either and when i can i am up every few hours with pain and aches. any ways, i get up at 6am and am not awake till around 10 then by about 4 i am ready for a nap again. i guess mabey this is one of the symptoms kris
  18. Kim

    Kim New Member

    Now it's hard to tell what I am!

  19. Myth

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    I do not take any medication for sleep unfortunately... so i usually did not fall alseep until early morning, and I get up around 4 pm if I can, earlier if I have to. It usually takes me two hours to shake off that groggy feeling- my bodies way of telling me I should sleep longer. I am usually not alert, groggy, disorientated and off-balance for those first few hours. Then I take a shower and maybe i will eat something. So there you go, I don't take medication and I do not nap. I never was a morning person, but because of the sleep deprevation I have a real hard time getting up at anytime.
  20. gracie97

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    And always have been.

    Seems reasonable, as stress and lack of sleep are thought to be FMS causes/contributors, that night owls who get less sleep than others because we are out of synch with the 8-5 world, would be particularly prone to FMS.