Not all Calcium supps are Equal

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    A good friend told me about Calcium Hydroxyapatite some time ago and I was taking this form but backed off and went to another form...I'm re-visiting this subject again to keep my bones as strong as I can and NOT go to osteoporosis. osteoporosis.html‎CachedSimilar
    Mar 2, 2012 ... Although many foods supply various calcium salts, human and animal bones are
    the only natural source of calcium hydroxyapatite. According ...

    I will be buying this form on my next calcium purchase.

    BTW: Jarrow uses this form of calcium in their very popular Bone Up product.

    Years ago after I lost my job that I was going to retire from I had gone to Jarrow seeking employment....they weren't hiring an Older Lady.....they don't have to say that for sure, they can't, but they don't want to hire 60+ people....unless you are some braniac with major credentials, etc....
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  2. That can be the frustrating part about supplements, sometimes you are taking things that work in theory, but do not actually help you with anything. I have read the article and just like you, I am going to be sure to make a change in the future as well, better absorption is needed.
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    Emma, I find it more frustrating with pharma drugs....more and more side effects from them.

    Example, a friend of mine was told by a doc she saw years ago, that it was good to take 6-8 Tums daily for her calcium needs.....WRONG wrong advice.

    This woman ended up with so many calcium deposits thru her body including thryoid which she let MD remove it....another WRONG move....

    We have to do our research and "hear" from well meaning friends who want and can help us..... so much to learn.....