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    THIS DR. THAT I LIKE TO GO TO, IS NOT IN THE LEAST BOARD CERTIFIED, BUT YET, SHE's on top of her game. i really like her and she works with me, but she acts a little high and mighty.

    a pap test was done. for HPV DNA and it was not detected, i am still feeling like crap, everything is coming back ok, yet my life is not functioning like i which it would, i am in bed most of the days........not good at all. i want does good days back like last year and the year before that, i was functioning at least at 78%, and this year early march, my health declien without warning. my health is down to 35% functioning. i hate this with a passion, i m praying everyday that god will life this burden off of me,. praise god all mighty. amen.
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    You could be tested for all of them...and then pick up something new next week.

    Part of the key is to boost your immune system. A good immune system fights everything off.

    Different docs know different things. Have you been tested for Lyme?

    I have an idea, my fatigue doc uses a modified Myer's IV. It really got my infections turned around.

    1) Ask your pharmacist for a contact of a compounding pharmacy.
    2) Ask the compounding pharmacy for a list of docs that order components for a Myer's IV.
    3) Make an appt with that doc.
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    That's not a bad idea re Myer's Cocktail - also consider B12 injections - and getting your cortisol levels tested (challenge test). Getting tested for some of the more common stealth infections like mycoplasma and lyme, etc., is of course an excellent idea if you can afford it/insurance will pay.

    If you decide to pursue getting a Myer's Cocktail, B12 injections, or cortisol, you can also look in your yellow pages... the ones in our area all said they compounded in their ads (even those 'in column' without the large ads) if they compounded or not. You can also google " compounding pharmacies " with your state added, some will come up that way.

    There is also an organization, Professional Compounding Centers of America/PCCA that lists doctors, don't know how helpful it is tho:

    good luck...

    all the best,

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