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    hi all i am just not coping i have so much going on at the moment and i dont want my friends and family to know but things are getting harder i want to carry on like normal but how do i let them know i cant cope nomore
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    This illness is so annoying and you have my best wishes and prayers. I am going through the same problem,I am trying to pluck up courage to see my GP and discuss the situation with him first. Only because I know my family will ask if I have been to the Doctor and what did he say.My GP is male (so no gender speak problem). I expect our families already know that things are not right because pain is so hard to hide my face,eyes and personality changes, give it away.

    You know your family so well, and you will know how they will respond. My family never say anything until I offer the information and then they will help in all ways possible.

    Perhaps like me its not your family that you are avoiding but yourself. In not telling our families we are trying to deny that we can't cope.

    I hate giving in but the ilness is certainly getting worse.
    Lets both pluck up the courage to start telling someone.

    Hope to hear how you get along

    Best wishes

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    Hello, I'm new to this forum...I'll just tell you a little bit about myself. I am now 27 years old but two years ago I fell ill for about a couple of months and I was literally house bound I couldn't get out of bed, I had headaches that would not go away for the whole duration of that time as well as burning sensations, states of confusion, chest pains, occasional leg numbness, the occasional feeling as though I couldn't breath properly and constantly having interrupted sleep, slight head/arm/leg jerks...gee the list could go on.
    Anyway I had numerous tests and scans done which all cost me lots of money. I was so worried that I had caught an autoimmune disease. My doctor said that something did show up in an antinuclear test that they did and they checked to see if it was anything sinister there but they later said it was nothing and they said they couldn't tell me what was wrong except I must have a post-viral infection...sorry to ramble on.
    Two years later, I had totally forgotten about it and was able to get on with my life but starting two weeks ago I am so fatigued and all those symptoms have come back again. I am so worried and depressed and It's really interfering with my job. Do you think I could possibly have chronic fatigue? My doctor said that I have to have it for atleast 6 months straight before she can diagnose me as having it. I had it for about two and a half to three months and then it really gradually went away...I think it has come back again.. I need some sort of advice. What do you think?
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    I have done things gradually since it was 5 years before I finally got a diagnosis. First thing I did years ago was hire someone to clean every other week. She does the hard stuff, vacuuming floor washing etc. I just pick up now and I don't care about the dust in between. When I am having a bad week I get the groceries delivered. Many people here have automatic bill paying but this is something I haven't done yet. I only use 30 minute recipies for cooking and I buy the vegatables already chopped. My son does a lot of the chores now such as taking care of the cats and doing the dishes (you could go to the local high school and hire a helper cheap for a few afternoons a week). I think the biggest thing I had to get used to was allowing the house to get messy when I'm not feeling good. Since we don't get a lot of visitors it tends not to be a problem. I am sure others have good suggestions.

    take care,