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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by maxsy1221, Nov 23, 2005.

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    Hi all...
    I don't post that often either but I am literally here daily just looking for "anything" new that I may want to try!! Of course, like most, I do get depressed at times, missing my "old self" especially now as a new grandma!!
    But I have learned to be greatful for my good days that are far and few in between. Also my fibro has never made me bedridden except when I had first been diagnosed in early 2000. (I'm 47 feeling like 90!!) This site haqs helped me except this DD and has also given me hope that one day this monster
    may dissappear! Thank God more and more research is going on. A few things I do are....take sleepaids(GHB) and antidepressants. We all know they wear off after about a year, but I would rather start a new one then to up doses. It really messes with our minds if we keep upping doses and try to come off them. I can't tell you of the few times I came off them only to become Cybil!!! ((lol))
    So I've been riding my roller coaster of pains (and I HATE roller coasters!)
    for the past few months so I can start a new antidepressant in another month or so. Elavil worked wonders for about a year for me and of course started to wear off and i refused to up the dose!! Tried Cymbalta...NOTHING!! Now just waiting till I can restart Elavil. Can't wait til the new drug Milniciprin comes out. It's of course another anti made especially for fibro but we will see.
    I once read a few things about cold lazor therapy. Sounds great but where can I find that at?? What kind of docs do that?? Also was reading about brain mapping and neurofeedback?? These are things that are supposed to help and be permanent!!! Has ANYONE done either of these??!! Please help us if so!!! I'm litterally broke trying everything else but when you say permanent??
    I'm ready to try!!! I'm sooo sorry to go on and on but....making up for lost time because i rarely post!!! (((lol))) thank you all!!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL!!!
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    nice to hear from you maxsy

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