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    Hi all. I have no diagnosis. I just switched general doc, she wouldn't listen to me. Wouldn't even run a complete thyroid lab. Tested me for ra and lupus which was negative. Lymph node biopsy for lymphoma, benign. TPO which is an autoimmune marker is not only positive but 70.8. So I say run a thyroid. No. I told her I hurt all over. Started in back last August, the hips, by Easter couldn't even stir the potato salad,too weak. I have been having tingling fingers and toes but yesterday my feet went numb and tingling and it felt like my feet were in cement blocks. ANd yet hurt too. So I shuffled all around town. My Boy needed new shoes.
    I have an appt with new doc on Monday. I have written a whole list of symptoms that sound small but are adding up. Did I mention I have a hard time finding words when I talk. Completely lost memory. Lost 400.00 over weekend and missplaced sons library book.
    Mt best friend is convinced I have fibro so I just started to look stuff up.
    Does this sound like I could be in the right spot?
    The weird thing for me is the pain feels like it is alive and moving within me. SOme places it always hurts like feet, back and hips. Other places it moves or zaps of pain.
    Even bowel movements are happening right after I eat. I don't know the list goes on and on.
    Please help
    Depressed and in pain

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