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    I have been fighting a migraine since Monday that left me in bed most of the today and yesterday. I went to see the Doctor today because of it and due to my muscles in my spine and legs being so weak I can barely sit up for any time and walking is a terribly big chore. I was given a shot and was told to go to the ER if it doesn't break the cycle of this one. It hasn't as of yet...
    She went into her office and personally called a Neurologist herself after the exam. I have hardly any reflex in both knees. I think this has her worried some. She said we need to get these migraines under control and the muscle weakness has her a bit concerned. The appointment isn't until next Friday though. I'm 32 and walk like I am 80. But I'm just having a terrible time and so fatigued from the pain and weakness it isn't funny. Just thought i would let you all know what's happening.
    Take care,
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    And good luck. I went thru the same things in October. The migraines that wouldn't quit, the weakness in the legs, etc.My legs had gotten so weak that I couldn't carry a loaf of bread without falling to my knees. Was put in the hospital and pounded with all kinds of tests. Well...... I am only 47 as of Tuesday, but my spine has degenerated so bad that they say it looks like a woman twice my age. Which is exactly how I feel!! Also the nerves are not working. Am now using a walker since the Hospital stay. Have not been able to drive since before then. But at least I was given a diagnosis for this dreaded thing, after having symptons since I was 14!! Not the greatest news, but at least I got some answers!! And I can now say "See it is not in my head! I am not just a hypocrondriac!" Good luck Joannie!! In my thoughts & prayers! You are not alone!!
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    i'm sorry you are feeling so bad. hopefully your symptoms will ease up soon.
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    I don't think there is any pain worse than a headache.I'm sorry you're in the middle of a huge flare.I am glad though your working with you and really cares.Sometimes my muscles feel weak in my legs but nothing that bad.The more I read about what a lot of people have to go through,the more I know that I'm lucky.Mine isn't near as bad as what so many go through.Know that I care and wish I could do something to make you feel better.Sending you
    {{{{{{{gentle and soft}}}}}}}} bejo
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    I am so sorry. I hope you can get some help with this. I keep you in my prayers.

    Love, Mikie
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    I really am hurting for you. I have had miagrains that would not go away. I only hope and pray that you will get some help soon, and that you will feel better. I'm sending soft soft hugs, in a dark, quiet place that won't even let the pain and loudness of your heartbeat to get in and hurt you. That was the worst for me. Heartbeat banging in my ears like drums straight from the hot place.
    Lol Afeni
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    Joanie: I just read your post and Ii think I went through something like your describing in Nov. and went on till Jan. I guess it was a flare, drs cound't figure out even with all the tests I had of my head. I had constant headaches for 10 weeks, couldn't walk legs hurt so bad, was walking wobbly felt like I was tilting to one side, it was abdolutely horrible.Ithought I was having a stroke and muscles spasms so bad all over, neck and upper back the worse. I just never felt so much pain in my body and the headaches were constant for weeks. On and off from mild to severe headaches. I never ever had them before, I'm 51 thought they were menopausal but that wouldn't of explaned the rest of the stuff that was going on. Some really weird stuff that I never experienced with fibro. I was convinced I had an MS attack but the neuro's didn't think so but did recommend a spinal tap which I didn't have done, I will if it happens again it was a horrible experience. I posted last week what I went through it was titled "Fibro flare?" Not too many seemed to ever experience it but your post soundly familiar. I you want to email me its I've been wondering if anybody went through what I did but the responses were not that many. Hope you feel better soon, hugs to you...