Not falling Pregnant??? - Please help with answers

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by Klippies, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. Klippies

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    My finance and I have been together for nearly seven years now and been sexually active since.

    I cant use any birth control pills ( get very very ill when I use them ) and we're also not using any condoms ( withdrawel method ).

    Whats realy bothering my is that I've never fallen pregnant. I've heard that pre-ejaculation fluid also contains sperm.

    Could the withdrawel method realy be so effective all this time or could there perhaps be something wrong with me?
  2. stick2013

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    7 years is a very long time to be so lucky, especially with the birth control method that you have engaged in. Yes, live spearm is present in ALL of a males fluid, and yes a woman can get pregnant on it. Although, the issue that you are not getting pregnant, might not be isolated to just you.

    Your boyfriend may have a low spearm count, or none at all. Or the 2 of you might just be lucky....

    If you are wondering why you haven't gotten pregnant, then it may be time for a trip to the dr...