Not feeling so great yeaterday and today too.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, May 6, 2006.

  1. rosemarie

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    Son't know what is going on with me but I feel like I have been flattened by a truck and I ache all over and my stomcahe hurts.It is just that YUCKY FEELING.

    Still a bit confused but this PA's telling me that I don't show the signs of fibro, but when I talk to the doctor he has told me that I have fibro and have most likey had it for a while.

    It is so hard to not be able to see your own doctor because of legal problems of his. AT this time 2 women have accused him of sexual assult. One he refuse to be her doctor as she was out of it. And he told her to seek a shrink for more help. And he did find some places of severe pain and gave her some script and told he that he was not going to see her again. And the meds were it , so that she had some while she found a new doctor.

    The other claims that during or after a procedure , { she was sedated with Demoral and versed} she said that he was touchy and touched her in an intamate way. And now it is going to court once more. HOpe that this time they do some thing besides read the charges and sit there for 2 hours.

    My doctor is not guilty of what he has been accued of doing. I have been a patient for 4 years and never once has he even remotely done anything to make me uncomfortable. HE is a total gentleman. Always has a nurse with him and the door open when filling scripts. What I have told you were in the court report that had been altered for the news paper. So this has been going on for a long time. Due to the stress and the having to deal with this and lawyers he is only seeing NEW patients and ones who have procedures being done. The rest of us get his PA who is not him and does not do things his way. And I just wish that i could see him agan so that I would know what the heck Is wrong with me.

    I am tired of being told YES you do have this and then get NO you don't. It is irratating to me. Especially now when I feel like I am flaring again. Does chronic meyofacial pain syndrome flare too? CAuse she told me that I have that one. Just not fibro? I am aching and hurting to night and just hate it .

    I want to be able to spend time playing with my grandson who has just learned how to walk. And I can't get down on the floor because of my knees and the pain in my lower back. But I tried today and that is why I hurt wrose now.

    But he is such a cutie. And I love playing with him I just want walk very far. And like all of us I really over did it friday night I bought a new mattress pad for the water bed { That as soon as we get some money we are getting rid of} And then I washed the sheets and blankets too and made the KING SIZED BED by my self. Husband did bring in teh sheets from the dryer , then tosssed one across the bed and thgought that he had helped me make the bed and wanted to know why I was hurting so much as it is NOT A BIG DEAL TO MAKE A BED!!! Wrong answer.
    Then today i played out side with the baby letting him hold on to my fingers and walk but that puts me at a funny angle so as fun as it was it hurts too. What a boob I am tonight.
    I guess that me and my whiney self better go to bed now. Sorry for the winning.
    Hugs to all,
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    it was such a pain to change those darn sheets...and it hurt my ex was in the uscg ans we would move a lot...let ten years w/the water saw michigan-virginai-back to michigan up, back down to lower michigan, back to california..moved three times in the same base...housing..then back to michigan and SOLD to the proud owners...9 times i counted in 10 years...set up then drain it then set it up...

    i know some people just cant live w.o ooone

    well it did sound like you still had a decent day you had your grandbaby...

  3. NyroFan

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    I would straighten out that problem with the PA and get the doc to write your dx on a script. Mine does that for me and I bring it everywhere with me. I had to recently use it also.

    I hope you feel better soon and that you have something for pain relief. Rest up and feel good soon. (Easier said than done).


  4. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Just because someone expresses an opinion that they don't think it is FM, and you KNOW you have all the symptoms, then believe yourself, not some PA who sees you for fifteen minutes.

    Be good to yourself. Believe your own body. xxxxx

    Love Anne C

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