Not FM, but can someone help me with this sinus infection?

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  1. RedB

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    This is my sixth day of a bad cold, but I really think the cold is mostly gone, but I can't get my sinuses to clear.

    Went to the doc yesterday, sounding like a foghorn, but because nothing was bronchial, and I didn't yell "ouch" when he tapped my sinuses areas on my face, he said I just had a cold -- no antibiotic.

    Today I am down and out with these dang sinuses on my right side built up so bad that they're smacking me at the top of my head every time I stand up, and then I start going black and almost pass out. Have to put my head down or sit to avoid falling.

    He told me to use Sudafed. I did that all day. That stuff causes my nose to feel like it wants to drain, so I spend all day blowing until I manage to blow some blood. Got the dumb thing so sore! I just can't use that stuff without it making me feel worse. I am now using a different cold medicine with the same ingredient in it, but it doesn't make me feel so awful. It also isn't making it go away.

    I have my grandbaby to watch the next two days, and I'm barely moving here.

    Does anybody have any miracle cures for getting sinuses to ease up? It's getting so bad that even my teeth are starting to hurt.

  2. celina

    celina New Member

    Saline spray available at any pharmacy.
    Johnson and Johnson Baby bath with eucalyptus.(in a bath or for manly men, use as a body wash)
    Chicken Noodle Soup
    I'm not joking, I always get sinus infections and these work for me.
  3. kgg

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    Be careful with the drainage, don't want you more dizzy. But I have seen it suggested to hang your head over the edge of the bed while lying on your back. But it sounds like watching grandchildren may not be in order. Possibly a return trip to the doc may be better. You sound pretty miserable. Hope you feel better soon. -Karen
  4. athome

    athome New Member

    For years I had these really bad sinus infections, and learned how to relieve them pretty fast with this it's gross!) technique:

    Mix a little salt with the warmest water you can stand to sniff up your nose. Use a spoonful at a time, and holding one nostril shut, sniff up as much as you can from the spoon.

    Immediately tip your head back,still snorting the salt water. As the fluid begins to move down the back of your nose to your throat, lean forward and spit out all the gunk that's moved.

    Often this will be very thick yellow or green mucus. Disgusting, but if it doesn't get moved out the infection just hangs there making you feel really lousy.

    Try to use at least two-thirds of a cup of very warm water with the salt. (I started with a quarter teaspoon at first, but learned thru the years the hotter water and heavier salt helped cure really bad attacks in a few days.)

    In August 2000 I had surgery on my nose and sinuses as the ENT doctor could not even insert the scope into one nostril, and expressed amazement that I could even breathe on that side. He removed a bone spur on the septum on that side, and radically reduced the turbinates (the fleshy cartilage) on both sides. After the packing and splint was removed, he had me do this salt water sniff several times every day. After ever getting thru a mont without at least one round of antibiotics EVERY month for 16 years, I went a whole two and a half years without a single sinus infection, just sniffing away 2x a week, more often if I caught a cold.

    Some people do this with a Neti pot, a Yoga variation on the above. The WaterPik people also make a nasal attachment for the WaterPik machine, and there is a product called Entsol, which is a saline powder to use this way, tho we found that a regular pik used carefully and at a low setting works just as well. I get my Entsol from my ENT's office.

    I recently learned a new trick for sinus headaches, too, due to a visitor passing her cold to me:

    On a hand towel, pour out 1/2 cup of salt in a straight line. Heat in microwave for one and a half to two minutes. Fold towel so salt is contained, and wrap it over your brow and top of nose till cool.

    Hope this helps. Sinus trouble is a big misery!

    (I've also use ZiCam for colds to reduce the length and severity of a cold, as my combination of CFS, FM,asthma, arthritis,etc means a cold makes me very sick for a long time.)
  5. ssMarilyn

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    What I do when I have this problem is either take a very long shower, and inhale that wonderful steam, or put my head over a bucket of steaming water on the stove. The steam loosens up that crud thats stuck in your nose, causing the pain and infection, and it should start running and drain. (In the winter, I run the shower in our master bath with the door open while I watch tv or read on the bed and the whole bedroom fills up with steam, it sure seems to help.

    I forgot to mention that it really helps to eat a food that normally makes your nose run, such as chicken soup or hot chili. I can't eat chicken soup without my nose running like a sieve!!

    Marilyn :)
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  6. tandy

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    I have to say the warm salt water flushes....up the nostrils....helps me the most! A dr. told me to do this for my sinus problems,and even my childrens dr. said I could use it on the little ones for their stuffy noses.
    Other than that,you can take a very warm to hot washcloth and lay it over you face,and let the moist steam loosen you up. I do that too.I also have been told that sudafed is the best OTC medicine.I use that,it helps but sometimes....after awhile,it seems to dry me out to much....and I sometimes get those sores insides my nose!!OOUUUCH~
    Hope your feeling better!
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    The commercial saline sprays contain a preservative which destroys the mucus membranes exacerbating your problems. Make your own solution with sea salt and warm distilled water. You can sniff it from a spoon with your head tilted slightly forward to get it into your sinuses. Keep sniffing to keep the stuff up there as long as you can and then blow it out. Do this throughout the day.

    This is the single most important thing people with sinus infections can do.

    Love, Mikie
  8. RedB

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    I tried chicken soup last night, and nothing. I've got someone else to help with the baby today, so I'm going to spend my day trying the warm salt water flushes, a steamy bath, and warm compresses.

    I can't believe the doctor didn't give me an antiobotic. Will they ever learn that if I have to make a trip to their office, it is because if I wait any longer, I won't be able to walk in on my own steam?

    I know they have these new rules (and my guy is a brand new doc -- just graduating). However, I have been inundated with antibiotics all my life and at age 53 have still not worked up an immunity to them. Somehow, you'll never convince me that taking an antiobotic once each year or every other year is going to cause a problem with immunity.

    Thank you, thank you, for all the advice!
  9. debbiem31

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    There is a supplement called Olive leaf extract that is a wonderful antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal, etc. I believe it was either Plantscraper or Pat Palmer who uses it for their sinuses, and it has helped tremendously. If you have very frequent infections, you might give it a try as a preventative measure. You can look through the postings on OLE and read more about it. I've only been taking if for a week and a half, but I've noticed already an improvement.

    Good luck with the baby!