Not having a good day

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ladybird1, Sep 7, 2003.

  1. ladybird1

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    I know we all have our porblems which are magnified by FMS or CFS, but some days are the pits.
    I woke up feeling fair (which for me is good).
    I attempted to go do a light workout at the gym(ride the exercise bike, do a few back extensions(it loosens up my back some) then go home. Well midway through the "powers that be" pulled my energy plug. It was as if all my strength went down the drain like bath water. So I left and came home. Got home, went to get something out of the garage, as I was entering door to come back into house, lost my footing. Now I have a banged up knee one side and a hurting thigh on the other.
    To top it all off, my very unsympathetic,overbearing, screaming overseas team leader will be in town to yell and scream at everyone. I try not to discuss anything with him.
    He will be here for two weeks. Too bad I didn't knock myself unconcscious when I fell. (sneer)
  2. bitter-sweet

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    It just seems that nothing goes right, and you're always waiting to see what gives next. Treat yourself to a warm bath and a good book. Hopefully things will look up tomorrow despite being grated by the overbearing team leader. God Bless
  3. kjan9

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    I hate days like that. Hats off for your attempts to do the body work in the first place. As far as teamleader, good luck!
    god bless
  4. sumbuni

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    It seems that a lot of us are down today. Yesterday was a simply georgeous day, the sun and wind were great,not too hot...i painted the deck, went out to eat and shopping with my daughter, got home around 11 pm, checked the board for new postings, posted a few answers and a few new ones for myself, went to bed, slept all night...and got up right after the mack truck hit me!!!!!!!

    Ah, the JOYS of this DD....

    God bless you, and ease your troubles and pain!


    I do have one good thing...depending on how you look at it...

    I am alone, with no one to help or take care of sicky me...that's bad!

    But there is no one to wait on or listen to gripe because I'm a lazy hypochondriac just looking for sympathy and feeling sorry for myself!....and THAT'S good!! ((smile)))
  5. hope-floats

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    what can I are in good company!