Not Nursing Pettiness Anymore

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by walkingmiracle, Dec 8, 2006.

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    Not Nursing Pettiness Anymore 12/07/06 02:58 PM

    I chose this icon because I am not nursing pettiness in myself or other people anymore. I don't allow others to rag on me with their problems unless they want my help. And the degree to which I will allow this at all these days is limited.

    Yes, I still try to reach out and help people. But I know when to "put on the brakes," (excuse the cliche).

    Also I don't habitually nurse pity in myself anymore. Do I ever have a pity pow wow? Of course I do. But these are rare. If I really feel I need one, I allow myself to have a big pity shabang! Then I dump my feelings (I've learned several ways to do this) and get on with life.

    The exacerbations I used to have from CFIDS, FMS, and Epstein-Barr because of such stresses are rare too. The mind, body, and spirit all so intricately connected that one always affects the other and learning this has helped me phenomenonally! I enjoy great health these days compared to the many yesteryears of almost total debilitation.

    Now I have more peace, joy, health, and happiness than I can ever remember. And I'm truly a walking miracle. Please read my profile for more info. :)

    Be blessed,

    Walking Miracle

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