Not one of my better days, so tired, coughing sick of it

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    You know that you don't feel great when you have to stop to rest and catch your breath while undecorating the christmas tree.It really didn't have tons of stuff on it to take off. But by the time I had the oranments off I felt so tired and was having a had time catching my breath

    { Yes I have Asthma <NO did not use inhaler. I hate how it makes my heart race & pound ,I know that I should use it} I stopped for a few moments and rested while the sweat dripped down my face and into my eye's.I really hate when it when I sweat like that!

    I now have all the stuff off the tree including the {sorry brain freeze, you know the stuff you wind around the christmas tree that is fluffy and is gold, or silver? I can't think of what it is called , darn I really hate this. any way I took it off as well}

    That leaves the star on top of the tree and if I were to try to take it off I would fall tip over the tree hitting my TV VCR,DVD players, and window. so In my best interest I am leaving it where it is.

    So now the tree is naked well almost as it has it's own lights all ready on it so I don't have to take them off. Thank goodness. That would really have sent me to the loony bin. Now when my husband comes home from where ever it is that he went this morning. He can take the tree apart and put it in to it's box and put it away.

    This has been the strangest christmas it seems. Money was tight, NO one was feeling good. I didn't get my tree put up till the 20th of December. I usually have it up much sooner than that and I leave it up longer as well . But I don't feel like keeping it up any longer.

    Life has changed so much from when I looked forward to christmas and all the shopping for my girls. But they are all grown up two are married and one is not. The oldest has a 9 year old step son who we don't get to see very often as he goes to his other grandparents more than here.

    My youngest has a 21 month old son and is going to have the first baby of the new year { I hope she is not due for a couple of weeks but has been having contractions really hard for the past 3 weeks and is dialating and has been to the hospital as she thought it was the real thing.}

    The middle daughter has just moved home from back east where she was a nanny , she brought home her boyfriend who has decided to move out here to Utah. Hope is family does not mind it much.

    My oldest was so excited for christmas to come as she had some news to share, but instead of getting the news christmas day we were told the day after .She said MOM & DAd I was going to tell you that I was pregnant but I am bleeding so I may not be. She has had her HCG levels checked and they are going up but no where near enough for her to stay pregnant. Don't make a big dal out of htis MOm after all this is me not you who is going throug this.

    So don't get all emotional over it. But I feel so bad for her and there is nothing I can say or do to help her through this. IF I say something it is the wrong thing to say so I don't show any emotion about this loss . As she is losing her baby I am losing a grandbaby.

    I am sad and Iknow that crying does not help but that is what I want to do. But I can't cry around any one here at home as they all tell me that this happens to others women all the time and it is not you going through it. NO but I was going to be a grandma .Now I am not.

    Then add my feeling like i haev been falttened by that mack truck and coughing so hard for the past weeks that I am so exhusted that I can think straight. MY chest hurts to breathe , I am coughing up green junk, I get out of breath really fast and but I don't have a fever like most people do. My body temp is 95.6 so when I hit 98.6 I have a fever but no one really thinks I do.

    That includes the doctors. I had phemumonia 3 years ago and my temp was 99.8 for 3 days but my pulse ox was 84 so they kept me in the hospital for a few days on 02. But accourding to the nurses I didn't have a fever.

    I am tried and exhusted all the time. I don't know where the fibro, MPS,Chronic pain stop and the other begins as I just don't feel good but then I have not felt good in years. So why change things now.

    don't worry I will be fine just need a rest.
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    I am so sorry u are going thru such an emotional and painful time now. My prayers are with you and your family.


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