Not only do I have fibro and sleep apnea but also

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    I just found out that I have a problem where I get no R.E.M. sleep at all.

    I don't even get any R.E.M. sleep while on the cpap machine. I also have arthritis in my back degenerative disc disease, diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, ibs, depression, anemia, arrithmia.

    Then this Thanksgiving I went with my hubby, son, brother and his wife to South Texas well my feet swelled on the way there of course because of poor circulation during the ride there which is about 9hrs.

    So my daughter who lives in South Texas too takes me to Walmart and stupid me I don't get a scooter even with my feet swelled so much they didn't fit into my tennis shoes anymore.

    We got there and I got me some houseshoes and other things and were getting ready to go back to the house and my shoe that I was
    wearing tears the skin on my foot and they are just regular slip on tennis shoes that are more open on the top.

    Well then we get back to my dad's and I go to bed soon and rest. The next morning I had what I would call water blisters on my right foot, the same one that had tore at Walmart. I put a bandaid on it because we had to make Thankgiving dinner.

    When I took off the band aid it tore my skin and I had a 1x1 inch opening on my right foot which starts bleeding and oozing. The other water blisters popped and stated oozing but none were as bad as the big tear on my foot.

    My feet hardly ever swell, I can't even recall the last time they swelled, it may have been at my daughter's wedding 5 almost 6yrs ago.

    Of course being diabetic this of course is dangerous and my dad knows how dangerous it is, he is an amputee. He lost his right leg from his knee down and then he lost part of his left foot.

    Also my daughter is in medicine so they both knew what I needed to take care of it. so I still have my foot and it is almost healed. I am so lucky with that.

    But on the sleep study now I know why I am so tired.

  2. PRC

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    I am overweight too but thank God he didn't mention it. But on my sleep studies The first one I had done I misunderstood and thought that I was unable to take any of my meds including the sleep meds.So needless to say I only slept for about 2hrs.

    That is so rude to say that it isn't like overweight people don't already know that they need to lose weight!

    They sent me in for another one and I then knew I could take my meds so while they were hooking me up I had trouble staying awake. Then they had me get in bed and do those movement things where they have you blink your eyes and stuff that was terrible for me because I was so sleepy. I slept all night except when they came in and hooked up the cpap.


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    I have apnea also. How long have you been on the CPAP?I too struggle with REM sleep, but it is sloooowly getting better. Some days I over do things and the next day I am just pooped out! Even though I didn't do that much.
    In my opinion we don't just have sleep apnea and I think with all our other problems it makes it harder to get to the REM sleep.
    Don't give up on the sleep they say it will get better, everyone is different. My mom felt better the next morning after starting CPAP. But with her med probs she still has her tired days also.
    I was told by a nurse that yes sometimes losing weight helps with the apnea but most Dr's will tell someone who weighs 100 Lbs to lose! So don't be offended, I think when they say something like that to people they just aren't thinking!
    Sorry you had such a bad time in TX, but glad you had the help from your family.
    Take care, Hugs. Robin

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